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Antonia Zander

Antonia Zander

We keep falling in love all over again with the wonderful cashmere knitwear by Munich fashion designer Antonia Zander. She declares luxury as an attitude, fashion as entertainment. In her collections she relies on a fair and ecological coexistence between people, animals and nature. When it comes to her skin, she, like her sister Ala, trusts the expertise of Dr. Miriam Rehbein and uses the Doctor Mi! medical skincare care range out of conviction. 

DOCTOR Mi! Friend of the Brand, Antonia Zander

Antonia Zander's favorite products

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Antonia Zander × Doctor Mi!

Antonia Zander was made aware of Doctor Mi! medical skincare by her sister Ala - and stuck to it since: she tells us why in an interview.

Doctor Mi!: Dear Antonia, how would you summarize your attitude towards the subject of skin care?

Antonia Zander: I think as a woman you can visibly get older but your skin should still stay nourished and radiant for as long as possible. That's why skin care is so important and should be a routine like brushing your teeth, for example!

Doctor Mi!: Who or what inspires you when it comes to skin?

Antonia Zander: My sister Ala! She tries everything, knows every product and active ingredient. Whenever we share a hotel room, I am always fascinated by her - while I'm finished removing make-up, cleaning and night care in 5 minutes, she performs a sophisticated choreography of patting, massaging, rolling, peeling, and creaming. It feels like it takes her about an hour, but she also has perfect skin!

Doctor Mi!: What characterizes your skin, how would you describe it?

Antonia Zander: I'm more pragmatic: I love being highly efficient and uncomplicated!


As a woman you can visibly get older but your skin should still glow.

Antonia Zander Zitat

Antonia's favorite products

Doctor Mi!: What exactly is it about Doctor Mi! medical skincare that won you over?

Antonia Zander: I really appreciate the care line for one simple reason: the products are one thing above all else - highly efficient!

Doctor Mi!: How has your skin changed since using the Doctor Mi! medical skincare?

Antonia Zander: My skin is less dry, no longer tense and feels wonderful.

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Antonias Beauty-Tipps

Doctor Mi!: Which active ingredients do you no longer want to do without?

Antonia Zander: TECMi!® Retinol and oligo-hyaluron - I am absolutely convinced of their effectiveness!

Doctor Mi!: Finally, do you have a personal beauty tip for us?

Antonia Zander: Care from the outside is super important but to have a healthy diet, lots of sleep and sun protection are among the most important companions - even if it often does not work as desired.