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Lilly Becker

Lilly Becker

Power woman and model Lilly Becker is known for her drive and stunning self-confidence: but also for her radiantly beautiful skin. In an interview, she reveals how she found Doctor Mi! medical skincare, what role skin care plays in your life and which Doctor Mi! Products she can no longer do without.

Lilly Becker

Lilly Becker's favorite products

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Lilly Becker × Doctor MI.!

Lilly Becker and Doctor Mi! medical skincare crossed paths for the first time at the Munich Oktoberfest. The Dutch model met dermatologist and founder Dr. Miriam Rehbein through a mutual friend. A profound encounter, as it turn out: Since then, Lilly cannot imagine skin care without the Doctor Mi! medical skincare.

Doctor Mi!: Dear Lilly, can you tell us what role skin care plays in your life?

Lilly Becker: Skin care is super important to me. The older you get, the more important careful and deep skin care is. You notice the difference between products that only have a superficial effect and those that actually target the right areas relatively quickly. 

Doctor Mi!: Who or what inspires you when it comes to skin?

Lilly Becker: It's just nice to have good skin, it's a great feeling. That's why I try to focus on a healthy lifestyle and take care of myself. An all-round healthy lifestyle and the right inner attitude are incredibly important too.

Doctor Mi!: What characterizes your skin, how would you describe it?

Lilly Becker: My skin is my age. My skin is healthy. My skin is well cared for. My skin is Lilly Becker.


A healthy lifestyle and taking care of myself is very important to me.

Lilly Becker Zitat

Doctor Mi !: How did you feel about Doctor Mi! became aware of medical skincare?

Lilly Becker: Miriam and I met through a mutual friend at the Munich Oktoberfest. At that time I was very interested in Retinol because I had been using it for some time and was open to the special TECMi!® Deep Technology. The meeting came at just the right time: I was allowed to try some of the Doctor Mi! products and immediately fell in love with them. But it wasn't just the great products that convinced me: I think it's admirable what Miriam radiates, her whole aura.

Lilly's favorite products

Doctor Mi!: What exactly about Doctor Mi! products won you over?

Lilly Becker: The effectiveness of the products is - without exception - unique. My all-time favorite is PEEL: When I use it, my skin instantly, and quite literally, glows.  RED and NIGHT are great too: With both of them, I wake up the next morning with a wonderful glow on my skin.

Doctor Mi!: How has your skin changed since you started Doctor Mi! Uses products?

Lilly Becker: The biggest difference probably came from using PEEL: I use it regularly and I can't do without it anymore. It removes all bumps very thoroughly and brings out fresh, tender skin. And going to sleep without TECMi!® Retinol is no longer an option for me. It cares for my skin like no other active ingredient and cannot be compared with ordinary Retinol at all.

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Lilly's beauty tips

Doctor Mi!: Is there anything that is out of the question for you when it comes to skin care?

Lilly Becker: I am very careful with aggressive active ingredients or product formulations. Basically,  I am open to a lot though. You don't get any younger.

Doctor Mi!: Finally, do you have a personal beauty tip for us?

Lilly Becker: Yes, there are even three! Tip 1: You should cleanse and care for the skin both in the morning and in the evening. Tip 2: Drink plenty of water. Tip 3: Sun protection factor 50+. I don't leave the house without a sun protection factor of 50+.