Goodbye Maskne!


Regularly wearing a mouth-nose protector has been part of our daily routine since the Corona pandemic. The humid and warm climate your skin is exposed to under the mask can dry it out and irritate it with the friction it creates, especially on the nose, chin, cheeks and jawline - areas where the mask rests. Maskne: the "trendy word" is made up of the words mask and acne and describes the development of pimples and skin irritations due to wearing a mask.

In the following, we explain to you how maskne develops, how you can get rid of it quickly and how you can avoid its development in the future.

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Maskne thus describes a new type of acne that is triggered by wearing a mouth and nose guard every day. The blemishes usually appear at the pressure points of the mask: on the nose, chin, cheek area and jawline. People who have had to deal with blemishes and acne in the past are particularly affected. People with sensitive skin also experience increased redness and irritation or dryness. For one thing, the friction of the mask irritates and irritates the skin. The skin barrier is affected, making it a target for dirt and bacteria. For another, sweat and moisture build up under the mask from breathing, which unbalances your skin's pH and promotes pimples and redness.


To prevent and heal mascara, daily and effective facial /h2>sing with the right ingredients is essential. During the day, sweat, dirt and bacteria accumulate on the skin. The warm and humid air under the mask also provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, the face should be thoroughly and at the same time gently /h2>ed in the morning and evening. Regular use of a peeling is important to remove sebum, dirt and dead skin cells. The skin should then be effectively cared for with a day or night cream. Creams are particularly suitable here, whose high-quality active ingredients can specifically reach the lower layers of the skin and help your skin to regenerate from the inside out and support the skin barrier.

These active ingredients work purposefully and sustainably with mascara

By following a daily skincare routine with the right active ingredients, you can effectively combat masque and you will regain a soothed and radiant complexion. The decisive factor here is the use of high-quality ingredients that are specially adapted to sensitive acne skin.

Salicylic acid/BHA
Products that contain this highly effective acid in high quality form, /h2> your skin deeply effective quite gently and without friction. On the one hand, this non-aggressive peeling effect removes dead skin cells and accelerates the healing of impurities, while at the same time preventing the formation of new pimples, as BHA has an inhibitory effect on the growth of bacteria.

Vitamin B5
Vitamin B5, also called pantothenic acid, is a true skin vitamin miracle: it has the ability to deeply soothe your skin and accelerate wound healing. DOCTOR Mi! uses this deeply effective ingredient, among other things, in the /h2>sing gel /h2>, which can be used for facial /h2>sing in the morning and evening due to its soothing properties.

Here you can learn more about the appropriate care routine for acne-prone skin
care routine for acne

Retinol is a vitamin A that stimulates and supports the formation of new skin cells. Thus, it enables your skin to regenerate optimally and stimulates its self-healing powers. By promoting healthy skin cells and regulating cellular functions, Retinol is also effective against acne. It reduces the sebum production of the skin and thus prevents the development of pimples.

Tip: Especially with Retinol-containing products, make sure that the active ingredient is contained in a high-quality and highly concentrated form in order to improve your skin in the long term.


In addition to proper skin care, using your mask correctly and hygienically is crucial to maintaining a smooth complexion. Pay attention to the following tips to avoid maskne:

1. Change mask more often & wash
Change your mask regularly - depending on how long you wear it, preferably several times a day. Replace medical masks with new ones as often as possible, and wash cloth masks after each use at 60 to 95 degrees using natural /h2>sers such as vinegar essence to prevent bacterial buildup on your skin, thus eliminating pimples.
Note: After just under 30 minutes, your mask is already so moist that it can clog your pores due to accumulated sweat and water.

2. Wear classic medical masks
Wear classic medical masks, if allowed and appropriate under health aspects: they are often more breathable and gentler to your skin - but should also really be changed regularly.
Caution: Please evaluate the situations in which you switch to the classic medical mask, appropriate.

3. remove mask in safe zones
Let your skin breathe! After no more than 2 hours, you should let fresh air to your skin. If the mask or your skin is damp or the mask rubs, you should take it off if your environment allows it.
Tip: Make sure to wear the mask so that it sits well on your face. This will help you avoid unnecessary friction, which can damage your skin barrier through irritation and lead to redness and masque.

4. Avoid make-up
Use make-up as little as possible: your pores already don't have it easy and they lack fresh air. Make-up settles on your pores due to the moist environment and irritates them additionally.
Tip:If you do not want to do without make-up, use light products under your mask, such as a BB cream.

5. rich care in the evening
Less is more! Your skin already suffers from wearing a mask, so you should not additionally irritate it in the evening with the wrong care. Pay special attention to a thorough facial /h2>sing. Care products such as the night cream NIGHT are with their skin-soothing ingredients perfectly suited to strengthen your skin protective barrier overnight again.
Tip: Hot steam against impurities! Heat and moisture make your skin supple, open the pores and support the /h2>sing process. Get your skin professionally /h2>sed out if possible and avoid pushing and manipulating yourself, as this can cause scarring.

Dr. Miriam Rehbein

Dr. Miriam Rehbein

Dr. Miriam Rehbein is a licensed dermatology specialist and founder and product developer of Doctor Mi! medical skincare. As a recognized expert in skin care, she not only shares her expertise with colleagues at congresses and in continuing education courses, but also treats patients in her Munich practice. With Doctor Mi! medical skincare, Dr. Miriam Rehbein has created a skin care line based on her many years of experience in dealing with patients, which has one goal in particular: To help the skin to help itself.