Winter beauty: Care tips for beautiful skin in the coldest season

Winter beauty:
Care tips for beautiful skin in the coldest season

Vanessa Freiheit | 19. JANUARY 2021
A frosty wind blows outside and cuts into the skin, dry heated air inside also withers out the last moisture reserves of the skin and the lack of daylight not only affects our minds, but also our skin. Winter is by far the most difficult season for the skin. But if you know how to stick to a skin-supporting diet and what active ingredients can nourish your skin in winter while at the same time taking your skin's biorhythm into account, even winter cannot shock your skin. In this post you will find tips for perfectly taking care of your skin in winter.


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Why does your skin require more attention in winter?


As soon as your skin is exposed to the cold, the blood vessels in the skin contract to retain as much heat in the body as possible. When your blood vessels are not open, your skin also receives less nutrients and oxygen, which is why your entire metabolism runs on the back burner and your complexion looks paler and grayish. Your skin is in a kind of hibernation state when it is cold.

In addition, your skin lacks the protective lipids in the cold, i.e. fats that act as a defensive shield between the skin and harmful environmental influences and keep the moisture in the skin. The colder it is, the less sebum is produced and the skin is deprived of its defenders, vulnerable, dries out faster and can crack. Therefore it is important to use skin care, especially in the winter, which activates the self-healing powers of the skin and helps it to protect itself without stressing it. A healthy skin cycle and an intact, strengthened protective skin barrier are key for both summer and winter.

How to make your skin winterproof

There are three areas which you should be actively working on in the winter:

  1. Proper skin care in winter is essential.
  2. Also provide your skin internally with the necessary tools.
  3. Adjust your lifestyle to minimize stress on your skin.

Optimal skin care in winter

In order to take care of the skin in the best possible way and not put it under any additional strain, you should first avoid some cosmetics that you may have come to love. The no-go care products in winter include all those that contain perfumes and dyes and consist of non-evidence-based active ingredients. Commercially available skin creams are also often mixed with mineral oils, which wear out the skin over time.

Instead, for the sake of your skin, use rich creams made from active ingredients such as Retinol or, even better, highly concentrated TECMi!® Retinol that gets deeper into the lower skin layers through its encapsulation. Oligo-hyaluronic acid, lactate, panthenol and vitamins are other desirable ingredients in winter skin care products, which, in the best-case scenario, will soon be part of your daily care routine. But be careful: more is not more. Always start with an amount the size of a cherry stone and add more cream if necessary, as too much can irritate the skin and lead to pimples.

Winter mornings without worrying about your skin

In the morning, the skin needs a gentle cleansing that does not affect the skin's pH value. Washing and cleaning gels that provide moisture at the same time are optimal. For example, the gentle cleansing gel CLEAN by Doctor Mi! medical skincare is ideal as it contains moisture-retaining vitamin B5 and panthenol. For men's skin, however, CLEAN MEN is a perfect choice, which can also be used as a high-quality and caring alternative to shaving foam by the way.

After cleansing your skin, your day care should follow and then ideally a sunscreen with sun protection factor 50+ should be applied, otherwise it will be quickly damaged by strong winter sun UV radiation. You can even get a wintry sunburn, especially in light-reflecting snow and at higher altitudes.

Your skin also needs a facial care in the morning with antioxidants, Retinol and oligo-hyaluronic acid to support its natural barrier function and to give it the glow it needs. Combining it with a high-quality serum is even better; with instant lifting and smoothing effect for a maximally strengthened complexion.

For soft winter lips

Do not forget your lips when you care for your face in the winter. They have no natural protective barrier as mucous membranes and are exposed to UV rays and other harmful influences without any protection. Moisture-retaining lip balms will protect them in winter.

Calming down in the evening

After an evening shower, you should use a rich body lotion and massage it in gently to promote circulation. It will do your face the world of good to apply a mask once or twice a week in the evening. Problematic parts of the body such as feet, elbows, shins and knees, which hardly have sebum glands and are therefore prone to dryness or even cracks, should receive extra attention in the form of consistent care.

Auto repair mode at night

Even in winter, the skin keeps to its schedule and is at its most receptive at night, while cell renewal is in full swing. A good night care product has all the necessary ingredients to support the skin during its nightly regeneration. These include oligo-hyaluronic acid, vitamins and highly concentrated TECMi!® Retinol: This can also be included in higher concentrations, as your skin is not exposed to UV rays. The perfect partners for your skin, which you should switch between, at night are:

  • NIGHT: With 6% TECMi!® Retinol complex, the night care by the Doctor Mi! medical skincare provides your skin with a high Retinol concentration that boosts the metabolism of your skin at night.
  • RED: the even more effective skin booster by Doctor Mi! medical skincare with 8% TECMi!® Retinol complex. Due to its particularly high effectiveness, you should start with 2 applications per week and gradually increase your use up to 5 applications per week in order to provide the best care for your skin.

Hand care in winter

Especially in this particular winter, when you are washing and disinfecting your hands a dozen times a day, you should not be neglecting your hand care. Commercially available soaps and disinfectants though also remove the last bit of moisture and suppleness from the skin of the hands, which is already sensitive from the low temperatures. Wearing cotton gloves at night, in which the skin can absorb all the necessary active ingredients overnight, is a tip for people with extremely dry skin and torn cuticles. However, this is a good recommendation for everyone for the Covid-19 winter. Since you never know which disinfectant is in the dispenser, ideally always have your own high-quality HAND SANITIZER and hand cream with you. Tip: With a rich hand and body lotion you solve two problems with one tube since you can use it in between to treat particularly dry areas such as the elbows, shins and ankles.

Full winter program for your skin

In order to achieve maximum protection and the highest anti-aging effect, it is always advisable to choose products form a single series. This way, you can be sure that day and night care and all other care products are perfectly harmonized with each other in their composition.

Winter nutrition for healthy skin

Every season has its foods that the body and skin crave. While you enjoy a refined salad with gazpacho every day in summer temperatures, your body needs something warm and hearty in the winter as an energy source as well as hot drinks. With all winter feasting, however, as in the other seasons, you should pay attention to consuming the right foods in order to provide the skin with nutrients from within.

In winter, your skin urgently needs amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins from the B group as well as vitamins C, D and E to strengthen the protective layer that defends it against free radicals and other harmful environmental influences. You will also need omega-3 fatty acids, especially when it's cold, to help retain the moisture in the skin. Since the connective tissue has a stronger tendency to form cellulite in winter, the minerals manganese, silicon and iron are also important. As in every season, you should keep your sugar consumption low in winter to avoid the harmful effects of glycation which accelerates the aging process and makes the skin vulnerable. Lucky for us that low-sugar and nutrient-rich hot soups, stews and dishes made with kale, salmon, fried poultry and many other skin-friendly foods are not only super healthy but also delicious. In order to drink enough even in the winter, you should drink as much green tea or herbal tea as possible and cover part of your fluid requirements with tomato soups and the like.

Healthy lifestyle in winter

In addition to external skin care with creams, internal care through a healthy diet is also important. In addition, you can also use your lifestyle and better framework conditions to ensure a more beautiful and healthier skin:

  • Do not burden your skin with nicotine, alcohol and sugar.
  • Try to avoid stress by organizing your appointments better and giving yourself more time to rest.
  • Stimulate the blood circulation through exercise and light plucking massages to give it more glow and prevent cellulite.
  • Do not shower too hot and use pH-neutral (pH 5.5), moisture-retaining and moisturizing shower gels. If you want to take a full bath: not too hot, no longer than 15 minutes and also with a pH-neutral bath additive.
  • Protect your skin from irritation by not wearing scratchy turtlenecks and scarves but instead opting for skin-friendly soft cotton layer underneath.
  • Even in winter, getting enough sleep is a prerequisite for your skin to properly regenerate .
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