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The right care for combination skin



Do this, do that - one never really seems to know how to go about treating combination skin. It is a mix of two skin types: dry and oily skin. In order to balance combination skin and maintain a healthy complexion, it is important to use the right ingredients to meet the specific requirements of the different skin areas - and will lead you to promote a permanently healthy complexion. In the following you will find out which products bring balance to combination skin and to keep it that way, and what you should pay attention to in your daily care. You will also receive further tips to promote the health of your skin so that nothing stands in the way of a radiantly beautiful glow.



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Combination skin: The most important points in short

  • What is combination skin?
    Combination skin is the combination of two skin types: oily, blemish-prone and dry skin. The cheek area is prone to dryness, while the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) is greasy and prone to blemishes.
  • Signs of combination skin on the cheeks:
    • Dryness
    • Dullness
    • Fine pores
    • A rough skin surface
    • Cracks and scales
    • Burst red veins
  • Signs of combination skin in the T-zone:
    • Enlarged pores
    • Shiny, oily complexion
    • Blemishes like blackheads, pimples and acne
  • What are the causes for combination skin?
    There is no single reason for combination skin but predisposition, diet and hormones all affect every skin as these factors have an influence on the pH value of your skin. The fact is that sebum production in the glands of the cheek area is too low while the area in the T-zone produces too much. Excess sebum lies on your pores, cannot drain off properly and leads to impurities. Combination skin is significantly brought on by:


    • Male sex hormones (androgens) cause the sebum glands to overproduce. This hormonal imbalance is particularly evident in women up to the age of 25. As you get older, more female hormones such as estrogens and progestins are released.
    • Hormone fluctuations that occur, for example, when you stop taking the contraceptive pill, before and during menstruation or during pregnancy, can bring your skin out of balance.


    • Constant psychological stress
    • Prolonged professional stress
    • Lack of sleep


    • Diet high in fat and sugar
    • Alcohol
    • Nicotine

Also: Chronic, congenital diseases and the associated use of medication can have a significant impact on the appearance of your skin

Products & tips for caring for combination skin

With the right care products and a continuous care routine, nothing will stand in your way toward a healthy complexion. Skin-type-specific, effective active ingredients can give unbalanced skin what it needs and improve your complexion in just a few weeks. You will find out below which products and active ingredients really help you.

Active ingredients and product formulations for the optimal care of combination skin

In order for the effective active ingredients to reach their full potential, they first have to get into your deeper skin layers to achieve the best possible care results. The products by Doctor Mi! medical skincare make this possible thanks to its unique TECMi!® Deep Technology. The revolutionary molecular encapsulation system transports individual active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin and releases them there.

These active ingredients help you to keep your complexion in balance

With combination skin, your skin is in a state of imbalance: Your T-zone and the skin of your cheek area differ in their skin texture. In order to get rid of blemishes and the shine in the T-zone as well as taking care of the skin on your cheeks, it is particularly important to pay attention to the active ingredients of your care products. You can alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of combination skin and eliminate them in the long term by using care products that contain the following active ingredients:

  • TECMi! ® Retinol / vitamin A1
  • SymLift™
  • Extremoin®
  • Ectoin®
  • Oligo-hyaluronic acid
  • Acetylglucosamine
  • Niacinamide / vitamin B3
  • SyriCalm™ CLR
  • ProRenew COMPLEX CLR™

Tip: The products of Doctor Mi! medical skincare only contain evidence-based active ingredients that help you to achieve visible and satisfactory results.

TECMi!®-verkapseltes Retinol

TECMi!®-encapsulated Retinol

Herkömmliches Retinol

Conventional Retinol

Products that bring balance to combination skin

After thoroughly cleansing your skin in the morning and in the evening, your skin needs highly effective care that meets its needs. For combination skin, we recommend integrating the all-rounder vitamin A1: Retinol. The Retinol care products DAY, NIGHT and RED contained in the RETINOL BEGINNER SET work yield effective results on combination skin as the Retinol molecules are encapsulated twice by the TECMi!® technology which enables them to penetrate deeply into your skin and promote its core health. Generally, and especially when using Retinol for the first time, the combination of active ingredients and the effective dosage of the Retinol product are what make the improvement of combination skin so successful. Thanks to the exclusive use of active ingredients proven by studies, the RETINOL BEGINNER SET by Doctor Mi! offers a multitude of advantages for the treatment of combination skin as Retinol is both beneficial for the skin's own balance of the T-zone and effectively cares for the cheek area.

We recommend including the following products into your daily care routine in order to bring your skin into balance permanently:


DAY is an intensely nourishing day cream with Retinol and is effective on every skin. The evidence-based active ingredients enable your skin to strengthen itself from the inside and protect you from the external influences of everyday life. The unique thing about DAY is the contained TECMi!®-Retinol. Thanks to the TECMi!® technology, the Retinol molecules are given a double encapsulation which allows the active ingredient to be transported in a highly concentrated manner into your deeper skin layers to release their benefits there. Another helpful active ingredient in DAY is Ectoin, an active ingredient for the treatment of blemished and oily skin as it has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect on your skin. DAY helps you to rid the T-zone of impurities and to keep your cheeks from drying out and therefore also preventing wrinkles.

Tip: The super active ingredients contained in DAY prepare your skin for the day in the best way possible. Although its active ingredient complex has a protective effect against UVA and UVB rays, you should also use a sun protection factor 50+ to optimally protect your skin from environmental influences.


In addition to our high-dose TECMi!® Retinol, our Retinol night cream NIGHT contains other highly functional active ingredients: the probiotic ProRenew COMPLEX CLR™, an evidence-based active ingredient that protects your skin barrier, accelerates the renewal of your skin and has a clarifying effect on oily and impure areas. The contained antioxidant complex DEFENSIL®-PLUS stabilizes the pH value of your skin, strengthens your skin barrier reliably and prevents dryness in the cheek area.


RED is an evening care product and a real skin superhero. It contains the unique TECMi!® Retinol in a highly dosed form but is still tolerable - even with irritated or sensitive skin. The reason for this is the TECMi!® technology developed by Doctor Mi! developed. Thanks to this innovative solution, the double-encapsulated Retinol molecules can reach the deeper layers of the skin without leaving any damage on the skin surface and will help your skin retain moisture. Another effective active ingredient it contains is vitamin B5 which ensures a refined pore size and accelerated wound healing on impure and oily skin.

Info: The use of our Retinol skin booster RED is recommended from the age of 20 - even earlier for blemished skin and oily skin.

Note: You should only use RED in the evening and in place of our NIGHT cream. It is best to start your care with RED by using it 2 times per week. As soon as you find that your skin agrees with it, you can increase it to 5 times a week.


When using Retinol for the first time as beginner, it is not uncommon for your skin to react with slight redness, sensitivity to the sun and dryness. Don't worry as this is just a sign that your skin is starting to change. A skin transformation can take between 6 to 12 weeks.

The perfect care set for combination skin: The Doctor Mi! RETINOL BEGINNER SET

Bring your skin into balance with the products by Doctor Mi! medical skincare. Our RETINOL BEGINNER SET will provide you and your skin with the right ingredients for a fresh complexion. It contains effective care products for day and night. Due to their active ingredient complexes, the products are ideal for the various needs of combination skin and will help you to get rid of tired and irritated skin to give you a healthy glow.

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Tip: Convince yourself of the high effectiveness of Doctor Mi medical skincare products in our before and after area.

More tips to bring combination skin into balance

In addition to the right care products and a skin-type-specific care routine, you can significantly promote a healthy complexion through an adapted lifestyle. For optimal skin health, avoid the following factors:


Alcohol dilates the blood vessels and therefore the small veins in your skin. If consumed excessively, these - especially in the area of the nose - can burst and appear red under the skin. Moreover, alcohol removes water from your body, which stimulates excessive sebum production, as your skin tries to compensate for its reduced water balance by re-greasing it.


Nicotine thickens your blood and inhibits a healthy blood flow which means that your skin cannot be supplied with enough vitamins and minerals.

Oily creams

Day and night creams that are too high in fat and whose active ingredient complexes are not adapted to your specific skin needs make your T-zone even more oily. This leads to clogged pores and blemishes.


Always wash your face with lukewarm water to avoid dryness and a tense feeling on your skin, especially in the area of your sensitive cheeks. Make sure to use a clean towel as bacteria encourage impurities.

Frequent questions about combination skin & the right care

In the following you will find answers to the most common questions about combination skin and the right care.

  • Why is combination skin often prone to blemishes in the T-zone?

  • Can I use the care products in the RETINOL BEGINNER SET every day?

  • Do all products in the RETINOL BEGINNER SET contain Retinol and what exactly makes them so effective?

  • How long will it take before I can see the first results?

Bring your skin to shine - with Doctor Mi! medical skincare

Combination skin looks irritated and oily, the natural glow is missing. The Doctor Mi! medical skincare relies on active ingredients that have been proven by studies, which ensure a smooth complexion and awaken the radiance of your skin. The highly effective care products stimulate your skin cells in the lower skin layer and ensure a balanced and healthy complexion.

About Dr. Miriam Rehbein

Dr. Miriam Rehbein
Dr. Miriam Rehbein is a licensed specialist in dermatology as well as the founder and product developer of Doctor Mi! medical skincare. As a recognized expert in skin care, she not only passes on her specialist knowledge to colleagues at congresses and training courses, but also treats patients in her Munich practice. Based on her many years of experience in dealing with patients, Miriam Rehbein has created a care line with DoctorMi! medical skincare that pursues one goal in particular: to help the skin to help itself.