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Caring for normal skin: Active ingredients, instructions & tips



Normal, healthy skin is the ideal condition; neither to oily, nor to try, overall balanced and unproblematic. Normal skin also needs the right care though in order not to get damaged, to renew itself and to have a beautiful glow. In the following you will learn how to properly care for normal skin. We will tell you which active ingredients and products are ideal for this and which tips will help you to get and maintain the dream glow.



Frau mit normaler gepflegter Haut


Caring for normal skin: The most important factors in short

  • What is normal skin?
    Normal skin is colloquially referred to as a skin that is healthy and balanced: This type of skin is neither dry nor oily, has an intact protective acid layer and does not suffer from any skin diseases.
  • What does normal skin look like?
    Normal, i.e., healthy skin is characterized by a balanced complexion that has no abnormalities such as enlarged pores, reddened areas of the face or impurities. Overall, the skin is clean, even, and smooth.
  • Which products facial care products are suitable for normal skin?
    The right care products for  normal skin are a mixture of cleansing and care products. If you want to properly care for normal skin and give it a beautiful glow, the GLOW SET by DOCTOR Mi! medical skincare is the perfect choice. Thanks to premium quality active ingredients and contained in particularly effective dosages, you will have radiant glow in no time.

What does normal skin mean?

Normal skin is a term that often stands for healthy skin in which the renewal processes, blood circulation and protective acid mantle are intact and that shows no abnormalities in terms of sebum production, flaking or impurities. That is why normal skin is usually very unproblematic which quickly leads to not paying enough attention to it. Normal skin also needs to be well cared for though.

By the way: Did you know that there really is no such thing as “normal skin”? Dermatology differentiates only between healthy and diseased skin. The categorization into skin types, as we know it from the cosmetics industry, is helpful for many users, but it suggests the idea that dry skin, for example, is fundamentally different from oily skin. That is not the case though: anatomically, all skin types are the same, they just have different requirements.

Features & properties: How to recognize normal skin

The term “normal” in the context of normal skin means nothing other than “ordinary” or “balanced”. Whereas some people's skin is unbalanced because, for example, the production of sebum is increased or the skin barrier is damaged, this is not the case with normal, healthy skin: it usually appears flat and clean, has small pores, and feels smooth. Generally, normal skin is also very resistant and has good elasticity. Since it is considered healthy, it also has better defenses than other skin types and is often less sensitive to some external stimuli. If you transfer this to what a normal, healthy complexion looks like, it results in the following characteristics and properties:

Features of normal skin:

  • Balanced complexion
  • Smooth, slightly matt skin surface
  • Small pores
  • Good resistance and resilience

Properties of normal skin:

  • Intact protective acid mantle and good resistance to external stimuli
  • Good moisture retention and moderate sebum production
  • Good regenerative skills
  • A multitude of collagen and elastin fibers in skin tissue

Tip: Since normal skin does not describe an absolute, but a current condition of the skin (the condition of being healthy), the "skin type" can also change if the skin is not properly cared for or if the lifestyle is unhealthy. Conversely, it also means that unhealthy skin is able to become healthy and "normal".

Frau mit normaler Haut trägt Pflege auf
Normal skin is quite unproblematic, but it still needs targeted care.

Caring for normal skin: Products & tips

A beautiful and healthy complexion cannot be taken for granted. Very few people are blessed with an even and all-round beautiful complexion. What exercise is for your body, the right care routine is for your skin: It ensures that the skin stays healthy and prevents weakening and long-term damage.

Active ingredients and product formulation for the normal skin care

The choice of active ingredients for your skin care is crucial to ensure that the products you choose can offer your skin the desired care effects. In order to optimally care for normal skin, it is advisable to choose cleansing and care products that are neither overwhelming nor unsuitable and that deeply nourish your skin.

The right active ingredients for normal skin care

Since normal skin is usually healthy, you should choose ingredients that maintain this condition and additionally strengthen your skin. The following overview shows you which active ingredients are ideally suited to care for normal skin:

  • High-dose TECMi!® Retinol
  • Vitamin B3 / niacinamide
  • Vitamin B5 / pantothenic acid
  • AHA fruit acids
  • BHA / salicylic acid
  • Allantoin
  • Panthenol
  • Amino acids
  • Squalane
  • Lactate buffers
  • Ectoin®
  • Extremoin®
  • Oligo-hyaluronic acid
  • DayMoist CLR™
  • Acetylglucosamine
  • ProRenew COMPLEX CLR™
  • SyriCalm™ CLR
  • Symreboot™ L19

Tip: To make sure that your skin benefits from the desired effect, you should only rely on evidence-based, i.e., active ingredients proven by studies. All products by Doctor Mi! medical skincare only contain ingredients with scientifically proven effects.

Recommendation: The nourishing TECMi!® Deep Technology

It is not always enough to select the right active ingredients and dosages if you want to take care of normal skin in the best way possible as some active ingredients do not penetrate deep enough into the skin where they are needed and instead remain on the skin's surface where they do not have a decisive nourishing effect. If you really want to take good care of your skin, you have to reach the cells in your lower skin layer, the dermis.

Doctor Mi! medical skincare has found a solution to this problem with the unique TECMi!® Deep Technology: The active ingredient molecules in the Doctor Mi! products are double encapsulated. This offers two important advantages:

  • The encapsulated molecules are more resistant and better protected against external influences, such as light.
  • The double encapsulation ensures that the active ingredient molecules reach the skin cells of the dermis directly and do not stick to the skin surface.

With this special technological feature that makes Doctor Mi! medical skincare unique, the Doctor Mi! products offer you the highest effectiveness without any undesirable side effects.

Funktion von TECMi!®-verkapselten Retinol

TECMi!®-encapsulated Retinol

Funktion von herkömmlichen Retinol

Conventional Retinol

More tips on caring for normal skin

There are a few other tips that you should keep in mind in order to properly care for normal skin:

  • Use only lukewarm water when washing your skin. Hot water is not good for the skin.
  • Avoid aggressive rubbing when drying your face.
  • Consciously massage in skin care products for several minutes. This way you promote the blood circulation in your skin and stimulate cell activity.

Which care products should I use for normal skin?

Age, in particular, is a major factor for why skin can change. It does not take much to properly care for normal skin. The only important thing is that you choose the right products and active ingredients and that you take care of skin on a regular basis. With normal skin, you basically need two different types of care products:

The right cleansing products for normal skin

With the right cleansing products, you can ensure that your skin is free from excess sebum, flaking skin and make-up and that it is clean. This way you prevent clogged pores and also ensure that the pH value of your skin is not out of balance and remains stable. It is important that you choose effective, but by no means aggressive, product formulations as these can overwhelm your skin and, in the worst case, damage it.

The following types of products are skin cleansing products:

Tip: Make sure that you always use pH-skin-neutral cleaning products, for example those by Doctor Mi! medical skincare. Otherwise you run the risk of damaging the protective acid mantle of your skin and making your skin less resistant to external stimuli.

The right care products for normal skin

In addition to the correct cleansing, it is also important to use the right care products that provide your skin with high-quality active ingredients and strengthen from within. It is best to pay attention to high-quality ingredients, but also to effective dosages. A common problem with many care products is that the dosages of active ingredients contained are too low. If this is the case, the ingredients, regardless of how high-quality they are, will not have any significant care effects for your skin.

The following types of products are considered skin care products:

Tip: When choosing your cleaning and care products, pay attention to the product formulation, not to the scent. Pleasantly smelling creams can be very nice, but they are often based on artificial fragrances. These can irritate your skin and also damage it in the long term. In order to offer your skin the best possible compatibility, Doctor Mi! medical skincare does not use any artificial fragrances, and above all relies entirely on highly effective product formulations that take care of your skin in the best possible way.

Care set for normal skin: The Doctor Mi! GLOW SET

If you want to optimally care for normal skin and give it a beautiful, radiant complexion, the Doctor Mi! GLOW SET the perfect choice for you! This contains both cleaning and care products that can offer your skin gentle yet thorough care. Thanks to the high-dose active ingredients and effective product formulations, your skin will start to glow after just a few days and it will be optimally nourished within a very short time. The Doctor Mi! GLOW SET for normal skin contains the following cleansing and care products:

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Tip: To see how effective Doctor Mi! medical skincare actually is, have a look at concrete examples of our test subjects in the before and after area!

By the way: Dr. Miriam Rehbein, dermatologist and founder of Doctor Mi! medical skincare has developed two special care routines for normal skin that you can use as a guide:

Risks for normal skin: Factors that affect your skin health

Flawless skin care is the basis for ensuring that your skin is balanced and healthy. At the same time, there are a number of factors that can be harmful to your skin. It is therefore important that you reduce the influence of these factors on your skin as best you can.

UV radiation

Diminishing firmness, dryness, sunburn, wrinkles, pigment spots and, in the worst case, skin cancer: both UVA and UVB radiation cause considerable damage to skin tissue. Therefore you should apply sun protection factor 50+ to your face, neck and décolletage every day and all year round. Regardless of whether the sun is shining, the sky is covered with rain or there is heavy snowfall: UV radiation always reaches the skin, even when the sun is not shining. It goes without saying that sun beads are subsequently a no-go for healthy and beautiful skin. If you do not want to miss out on a tan, selected bronzer powders or self-tanners are harmless alternatives that do not endanger the health of your skin.

Tip: By the way, you should not pay any attention to the sun protection contained in make-up as this is usually not enough to protect your skin effectively.

Not cleaning your skin

Normal skin is rarely affected by impurities. Still, that does not mean you do not have to clean normal skin as all sorts of things can accumulate on it: sweat, toxins excreted by your skin, fine dust, bacteria and a whole lot more. Regular cleansing twice a day is necessary to make sure that these impurities do not stay on your skin. In addition, not thoroughly cleansing the skin often leads to your skin looking a bit dull and not shining properly. Think of it like this: A smooth and completely flat surface like a mirror or water reflects light optimally whereas uneven surfaces like that of a towel or soil do not reflect light well. The same applies to a radiant complexion: If you want the perfect glow, thorough skin cleansing is essential.

Moisturizing care products

It may sound unbelievable at first but: Moisturizing care products are not good for your skin. The more moisture you bring to your skin from the outside, the less your skin will provide its own moisture. By applying moisturizing creams over and over again, you will get your skin used to this condition and it will reduce its activity and dry out faster if you do not continuously moisturize it. This will also cause an acceleration in skin aging. However, healthy skin is able to supply itself with sufficient moisture, so in order to not impair this ability, you should rather pay attention to moisture-retaining ingredients such as squalane.

An unhealthy diet

The skin has the task of protecting the body's organism and maintaining its functioning: it does this by, for example, preventing it from overheating by sweating and resisting external stimuli but also fighting off toxins and superfluous products that result from the metabolism. In order for the skin to be able to carry out these important tasks unhindered, it is important to provide it with vitamins, minerals and enough water. In order to counteract premature aging of the skin, you should drink enough water (1.5–2 liters per day, more if you exercise) and focus on proteins and fats in your diet. Carbohydrates, which consist of the same building block as sugar (glucose), can lead to saccharification of the skin cells if consumed in excess, just like industrial sugar as well as fructose or fruit sugar. Therefore, make sure to eat a lot of vegetables, consume enough protein and rely on healthy fats (known as unsaturated fatty acids).

Most people should be aware that smoking is harmful. Nicotine slows down the metabolism and blood flow throughout the body. This also poses a threat to normal skin. Tobacco consumption often manifests itself in large bags under the eyes and wrinkles around the mouth and nose. The color of the skin also changes when you smoke. While normal skin is already pink and soft, tobacco consumption tends to make it gray and pale. Similar to sun exposure, nicotine also contributes to skin aging faster. It also affects the formation of new collagen fibers in the skin, which primarily affects the resilience and elasticity of normal skin.

Not enough sleep

A lack of sleep is also harmful to the skin. To keep your body functional and healthy, you should make sure to sleep around 7 to 8 hours per night. Of course, if you can cope well with less sleep, that's not a problem. It is only important that you feel relaxed and rested after sleeping.

Nicotine & alcohol

Nicotine and alcohol are stimulants that your body does not need, in general. In addition, various studies have shown that both are harmful to your skin. Alcohol, for example, causes your blood vessels to widen and your face to swell. Nicotine, on the other hand, narrows the blood vessels and prevents a sufficient blood flow. Moreover, smoker's skin also suffers from a poor moisture supply which accelerates the formation of wrinkles.

Comedogenic makeup

Make-up does not have to harm the skin but it can: So-called comedogenic make-up causes blemishes in the form of clogged pores. Unfortunately, there is no compulsory labeling for comedogenic make-up though it is worth investing some time to find out which make-up is comedogenic. Silicones, mineral oils, and waxes are often responsible. In the meantime, however, there are also some manufacturers who specifically point out whether their products are non-comedogenic.

Frequently asked questions about normal skin & the correct care

In the following you will find answers to the most common questions on normal skin correctly caring for it.

  • What should I look out for when caring for normal skin?

  • Is it possible for me to have normal skin?

  • How do I give normal skin the perfect glow?

Perfect normal skin - with Doctor Mi! medical skincare

Normal skin basically describes healthy skin which all in all functions perfectly and is not impaired by any fundamental problems in its function. If you care for normal skin and want to give it a beautiful, radiant glow, Doctor Mi! medical skincare will support you with high-quality products: Thanks to evidence-based active ingredients and highly effective dosages, your skin benefits from gentle and thorough skin care that visibly improves your complexion and makes it glow in no time.

About Dr. Miriam Rehbein

Dr. Miriam Rehbein
Dr. Miriam Rehbein is a licensed specialist in dermatology as well as the founder and product developer of Doctor Mi! medical skincare. As a recognized expert in skin care, she not only passes on her specialist knowledge to colleagues at congresses and training courses, but also treats patients in her Munich practice. Based on her many years of experience in dealing with patients, Miriam Rehbein has created a care line with DoctorMi! medical skincare that pursues one goal in particular: to help the skin to help itself.