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Kerstin Weng

Kerstin Weng

Besides fashion, German fashion journalist and InStyle editor-in-chief, Kerstin Weng, is particularly passionate about beauty! She not only shares this professionally, but also privately in her successful Instagram profile @wengschondennschon with her more than 24,000 subscribers. When it comes to her personal beauty, she consciously relies on the products by Doctor Mi! medical skincare. You will find her experiences and views on the subject of beauty below.

Kerstin Weng

Kerstin Weng's favorite products

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Kerstin Weng × Doctor Mi!

The beauty industry is well connected! This is why German fashion icon Kerstin Weng became personally acquainted with dermatologist and founder Dr. Miriam Rehbein who told her about the Doctor Mi medical skincare range. The extensive advice from the expert convinced her of the care series' effectiveness and ease of use.

Doctor Mi!: Dear Kerstin, tell us what role skin care plays in your life.

Kerstin Weng: A bigger and bigger role the older I get. When I was 30, I didn't think much about what my skin needed but rather based my decisions on price, product design and fragrance. Today I know: a well - and above all correctly - nourished face is an investment for the future.

Doctor Mi!: Who or what inspires you when it comes to skin?

Kerstin Weng: I deal a lot with the topic of cosmetics in my professional life and find dermatologists to be especially credible. Therefore, tips from them inspire me the most.

Doctor Mi!: What characterizes your skin, how would you describe it?

Kerstin Weng: A character in and of itself. My skin is not easy to categorize and that's why it needs expert advice.


A well - and above all correctly - nourished face is an investment for the future

Kerstin Weng Zitat

Kerstin's favorite products

Doctor Mi!: What exactly about Doctor Mi! medical skincare has won you over?

Kerstin Weng: Miriam has a special talent: She can explain why and how something works in a wonderfully clear and comprehensible way - and I really appreciate this kind of expertise.

Doctor Mi!: How has your skin changed since using the Doctor Mi! medical skincare?

Kerstin Weng: It has become more even, calmer.

Doctor Mi!: Which products are must haves in your bathroom?

Kerstin Weng: SERUM, RED and DAY.

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Kerstin's beauty tip

Doctor Mi!: Is there a specific insight you gained in your experience with Doctor Mi! medical skincare?

Kerstin Weng: Definitely: Experts are experts for a good reason. Getting expert advice and being consulted is the best thing anyone can do for their own skin!