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Laetitia Nimah Blume

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Laetitia Nimah Blume from Stuttgart, alias "@missmondo", is a firmly established figure in the fashion scene. More than 176,000 followers appreciate her thoroughly wearable style of sporty highlights and luxurious en vogue attire. In January of this year she won over Ann-Christin Gebhardt, fashion editor of the popular women's magazine Brigitte. In the following she reveals why Doctor Mi! medical skincare has meanwhile become indispensable for her as a fashion blogger.


Laetitia Nimah Blume



Laetitia Nimah Blume's favorite products

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Laetitia Nimah Blume × Doctor Mi!

For a long time, the beautiful influencer did not have to worry about her skin. According to her own statements, she did not begin to study the ingredients and their effects until she was in her mid-30s. What is important for her is that it is not a complex but effective care routine which finally lead her to Doctor Mi!.

Doctor Mi!: Dear Laetitia, who or what inspires you when it comes to skin?

Laetitia: My mother has always attached great importance to good care products, and skin care is very important to her. I would say that she brought me closer to skin care and taught me that good products can significantly strengthen the skin and that the most important thing is to thoroughly cleanse the skin.

Doctor Mi!: What do you look for when choosing your skin care products?

Laetitia: It is important to me not to have to use ten different products to achieve a certain effect. Generally, I am of the opinion that "less is more". Even with skin care.


Generally, I am of the opinion that "less is more". Even with skin care.

Doctor Mi!: What exactly about Doctor Mi! medical skincare has won you over?

Laetitia: Once you have used Doctor Mi! medical skincare, you become “dependent” on them. The immediate effect is amazing and speaks for itself. When it comes to skin care, in particular, there are so many empty advertising promises. Who doesn't dream of wrinkle-free, small-pored and fresh skin and has tried countless products over the years in the hope that they will bring an improvement? It was the same for me until I bought the products by Doctor Mi!: "Action speaks louder than words"!

Laetitia's favorite products

Doctor Mi!: Which products are must haves in your bathroom?

Laetitia: Clearly my “Holy Grail”: the skin booster RED! Since October 2018, I have been using it up to 5 times a week as part of my evening routine.

Doctor Mi!: How has your skin changed since you started using Doctor Mi! medical skincare?

Laetitia: My skin texture has become smaller and looks firmer and fresher overall. Small wrinkles around the eyes have almost completely disappeared. Every six months I have Dr. Rehbein inject Botox into the frown line and I am very satisfied with the natural result and effect.

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Laetitia's beauty tips

Doctor Mi!: Is there an active ingredient that you no longer want to do without?

Laetitia: In my opinion, there are two active ingredients that are true all-rounders: Retinol and niacinamide (vitamin B3).

Doctor Mi!: Finally, do you have a personal beauty tip for us?

Laetitia: The best care is useless if the skin is not thoroughly cleaned! The care routine should therefore always include thorough cleansing and preparation, because the skin has to breathe. Since the subject of skin care is very complex and skin requirements are different, you should definitely seek good advice from a dermatologist.