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8 healthy ideas for doing something good for yourself

The famous Mark Twain once stated, "The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don't want, drink what you don't like, and do what you'd rather not." The following eight healthy tips show that he was wrong and that it doesn't have to be like that. They can be easily and uncomplicatedly integrated into your everyday life, are therefore easy to implement and are good for you in the long term. 


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A fulfilled life begins with health - that's what 70% of those questioned believed in a survey carried out by the consumer research institute GfK in 2019. Health not only includes physical fitness and integrity, but also the mind and soul. It is important to look at the body as a whole and to maintain both physical and mental health. Selfcare is the motto here: Doing something good for yourself is the first step towards a healthy lifestyle.

This does not necessarily require a radical reversal of your way of life or lifestyle. It is important not to overwhelm yourself and to move within the areas in which you feel comfortable. Otherwise, frustration will quickly set in should you fail - which will lead to the opposite of "doing good".

Idea 1: Skin care is self-care

When you feel good about yourself, you will also radiate it - you will get positive feedback and be more satisfied. So do what you need to feel comfortable and beautiful: a long one face and body peeling or a nourishing mask to help the skin regain its freshness. A nice nail polish for fingers and toes brings color to your look. Or you treat yourself to a comprehensive hairdressing appointment including a head massage, hair treatment and eyebrow plucking - an hour of pampering just for you!

Idea 2: Positive thinking

It's actually easier than expected: take five minutes every evening and think of three beautiful things or events that made you smile during the day - even the smallest little thing. That makes for a lot of positive thoughts! You can also write things down to benefit from them even longer.

Idea 3: Sleep well

It is no secret that healthy and adequate sleep is important: not enough and poor sleep have a negative effect on our mood and performance. But all too often our mind and thoughts do not come to rest despite having had a stressful day. Therefore, it helps to give the brain maximum support when relaxing. Reduce visual influences: cell phone off, no television, no internet - read a book instead. Or listen to your favorite podcast or an audio book. Particularly practical: the timer function in smartphones, which can also be set with "Stop playback".
It also helps to get rid of burdens before going to bed: Write down your tasks for the next day, then you will have them out of your head. Try to resolve issues - unresolved conflicts disrupt rest and sleep.

Idea 4: Sing yourself healthy

You like to sing in the shower, in the car or even during your morning routine? Very good! Singing is extremely healthy - just ten to fifteen minutes gets your circulation going. In addition, our body receives more oxygen through the special breathing. This stimulates the metabolism, stabilizes blood pressure, promotes blood flow to the organs and brain and increases the ability to concentrate. Singing also strengthens the immune system and protects against colds: the body produces more A immunoglobins, which protect the mucous membranes against pathogens. And the fact that the body's own happiness hormones are also released completes the miracle effect - so singing makes you happy and is good for your body all round.

Idea 5: Go out into nature

You kill several birds with one stone: A trip into nature lowers your blood pressure, reduces the stress hormone cortisol and your anxiety and depression level decreases. Going into nature also means exercising in fresh air - and that doesn't you have to be jogging, a walk will more than do too. If you leave your phone in your bag at the same time, you give your brain a little time to take a breather.
A special plus: The body recharges its vitamin D balance through the sun's UV radiation which would otherwise only works with supplements. Vitamin D, however, plays a key role in bone mineralization and metabolic processes. So close your eyes, put your head back and enjoy!

Idea 6: Try something new

Humans are by nature discoverers, as can be easily seen in small children. Why not try something new as an adult? For example, just wander aimlessly through your own neighborhood and walk into streets that you have never been to before. On the way home from work, just take a different route. Learning a new language, maybe in a country you've always wanted to travel to? With the help of various apps, this is relatively easy nowadays.

Or you can try out a new recipe - with food that you haven't had on your radar before or that you have always prepared the same way. Many classic, very healthy vegetables are currently experiencing a renaissance, such as Brussels sprouts, kale or original potatoes. All of them contain important nutrients and vitamins. And there are a multitude of delicious recipes that are reinventing vegetables.

Find your balance

Everyone is different - but what we all have in common: We need stress relief. So find out what works best for you. Yoga, Pilates, DIY projects or just sudoku - what is important is that enjoy it, that it distracts you and that you feel comfortable doing it. Only when you find your method of balance will you benefit from it in the long term - and then it will do you really good!

Laura van Empel

Laura van Empel

Be it endurance, strength training or flexibility: Laura van Empel enjoys variety when exercising! Laura was able to repeatedly observe how helpful and important exercise is for the body and mind, not only in herself: Our guest author worked as a fitness trainer at Coachyfy until 2018 and created workout plans that were geared towards the individual fitness goals of her customers - and was able to witness amazing transformations. Not only exercise is decisive for Laura when it comes to wellbeing though: In her private life, she regularly meditates and therefore knows very well how important mental well-being is in order to be at peace with herself. She reveals her best tips about wellbeing and fitness here.

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