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As part of the Doctor Mi! Skin Expert Talk, you will receive a professional skin consultation from the Skin Experts at Doctor Mi! medical skincare.

Get individual advice - from the DOCTOR Mi! Skin Experts

From the desire for a radiant complexion to problems with acne and pigmentation disorders:There are many different skin needs and these are individual for each person. To ensure that you not only provide your skin with the right active ingredients, but also do everything right in terms of care routines and the like, we offer you the opportunity to receive individual advice from our beauty experts: as part of your Doctor Mi! skin expert talk!

Services & contents of your DOCTOR-Mi! skin expert talk

Not only active ingredients, but also stress, sun exposure and much more can have an effect on your skin. Since every skin is different, a professional skin consultation is the optimal accompaniment on the way to healthy, even and radiant skin. We offer you this as part of our Skin Expert Talk, which includes the following services and benefits for you:

  • Professional skin analysis

  • Individual skin care check

  • Care routine tips

  • 360° consultation for your skin

  • Personal voucher

May we introduce the DOCTOR Mi! Skin Experts:
Maryam & Nicole

The offer of our Skin Expert Talk already sounds great? Watch out, it gets even better - because our beauty experts Maryam and Nicole are true professionals and skin enthusiasts who will support you as professional advisors with extensive and in-depth knowledge on the subject of skin.



Profile: My name is Maryam, I work in Customer Management & Digital Support at Doctor Mi! and have been working with Dr. Miriam Rehbein for many years. I gained my first experience in the field of dermatology, skin care and health as a practice manager and assistant alongside Dr. Rehbein.

Background: As a practice manager and assistant, I have discovered my passion for aesthetics, skin health and skin care. My very personal experience with our innovative, effective Doctor Mi! medical skincare has made it a matter close to my heart to educate our customers about skin health and to be able to assist you with valuable tips if you are interested. Beautiful, healthy skin is no coincidence!

Favorite products: For me, NIGHT & DAY can never be missing in my bathroom! Both provide the skin optimally and leave it radiant.



Profile: I am Nicole and I have been working alongside Dr. Miriam Rehbein for years. Through my many years of experience as a Skin Expert, one of my main focuses is not only the intensive analysis of skin problems and their origins, but also the development of individual treatment concepts with our Doctor Mi! medical skincare products.

Background: I originally came to Dr. Rehbein as a patient and later to Doctor Mi! as a customer, because I used to suffer from severe melasma myself and was looking for a solution for myself for a long time. With the help of Doctor Mi! products I found the answer to all my main problems. For this reason, I am a Skin Expert at Doctor Mi! out of deepest conviction and I am happy to accompany you on your way to perfect skin.

Favorite products: Definitely RED & PEEL - both have now become indispensable for me because of their unique results.

Your way to individual consulting with DOCTOR Mi!

You want to change your skin and are ready for your Skin Expert Talk? Then take the following steps with us:


In the booking window you can book an appointment for your Skin Expert Talk for the price of 25,00€*. Here you can decide over which channel it should take place. You can choose between the following for a video call:

  • Facetime
  • Zoom
  • Whatsapp

*incl. VAT. Credit in the form of a voucher for the online store.

Once you have successfully booked your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email from us with an invitation to your personal Skin Expert Talk.

Immediately before your appointment, you should consider the following points so that your Skin Expert can give you the best possible advice:

  • Clean your face before the video call. Please refrain from applying any care or make-up.
  • Sit in a well-lit room where you will be undisturbed.
  • Have your current skincare products ready so our experts can test them for their suitability for your skin.
  • Make sure that your device's battery lasts and that the camera and microphone are turned on.
  • Get a glass of water or a cup of tea ready and look forward to your individual consultation. We will call you!

During your Skin Expert Talk, your Skin Expert will take 20 to 30 minutes for you, give you detailed advice and answer your questions about skin care. After your Skin Expert Talk, you will receive a summary of our recommendations for you on the subject of products and routines. The mailing also includes a product voucher in the amount of 25 euros, redeemable for the entire Doctor Mi! medical skincare range.

You have more questions about Doctor Mi! medical skincare? We answer frequently asked questions in our FAQ section. Alternatively, you can of course also use our real-time chat!

Ready to Glow:
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Even more skin care tips for you

Would you like to find out more about Care routines and Skin needs to get the most out of your Skin Expert Talk? Then we recommend you take a look at our Skinsights advice section: Here you will find a lot of detailed and comprehensive information on the topic of skin care and can get one or two recommendations for your skin in advance!