Highly effective skin boosters by Doctor Mi! medical skincare

Doctor Mi! medical skincare skin boosters offer your skin a high-class care experience. As luxurious, highly effective care treatments, they are able to fundamentally change your skin. Your skin benefits from a variety of excellent results. Your skin is visibly improved within a short time span and also benefits from a soothing and all-round renewing care.

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    Skin boosters are the definite superheroes among skincare products. As highly effective powerhouses, they help the skin to rejuvenate itself. All Doctor Mi! medical skincare products follow this approach and provide you with extraordinary care effects for beautiful, radiant skin thanks to their study-proven active ingredients and effective concentrations. Our skin boosters occupy a very special position among all products though since they offer your skin targeted treatments at home with a special extra of care.


    Skin boosters are skincare products that provide particularly effective skincare because of their above-average active ingredients and concentrations. The use of a skin booster is always worthwhile when

    • You want to help your skin with an intensive treatment at home to more balance, resistance or firmness.
    • Or you are generally satisfied with your skin but it is still missing that certain something for the perfect complexion and a stunning glow.

    Important: A professional skin booster is the result of thorough research - its composition should never put your skin at risk. Therefore, when choosing a skin booster, make sure to use only dermatologically tested products that are based proven active ingredients - as is the case with Doctor Mi! medical skincare.

    Important: Skin boosters should not be confused with skin booster treatments or therapies, which are cosmetic procedures such as hyaluronic injections that are injected into the upper layer of the skin.


    Skin boosters offer your skin benefits in many ways due to their superior product formulations:

    • Holistically potentiated care effects:   
      Thanks to effective combinations of active ingredients, skin boosters enable special synergies that benefit your skin in the form of comprehensive care results.
    • Increased resistance:
      Skin-rejuvenating active ingredients, such as the particularly effective TECMi!®-Retinol, specifically developed by Doctor Mi! medical skincare, stimulate your skin to produce, e.g. collagen or elastin and, in turn, give it more resilience.
    • Protection of the skin barrier:
      An intact acid mantle is crucial to keep your skin resistant to free radicals and other stressors. Although harmless skin boosters achieve very intensive care effects, they will never attack your skin's acid mantle. Make sure that the skin booster is pH neutral. Otherwise, irritations may occur and weaken your acid mantle.
    • Moisture retention:
      Sensible skin boosters will support your skin's ability to retain moisture but will not supply it with additional moisture. This way, they promote optimal cell activity and help your skin to constantly renew itself/stimulate skin renewal. Therefore, do not use care products that additionally moisturize your skin.

    As you can see, thanks to their comprehensive care effects, skin boosters help your skin to achieve an overall improved and deeply nourished complexion that radiates health and freshness. Both our skin boosters MASK and RED offer you these special nourishing results.

    WHAT SKIN BOOSTERS ARE AVAILABLE AT Doctor Mi! medical skincare?

    At Doctor Mi! medical skincare, there are two special skin boosters that fundamentally improve your skin and help it become more resilient, balanced and radiant: RED and MASK.


    Of the entire Doctor Mi! medical skincare range, our skin booster RED is our definite bestseller. In view of its unique effect on the skin, this is not surprising since RED offers your skin stunning results due to its unique product formulation which improves the skin tissue from the foundation up and gives it a radiant complexion. This is made possible, in particular, because of two components: the precise dosage of active ingredients on the one hand, and the unique selection of active ingredients on the other.

    TECMi!® encapsulated Retinol complex as the core element of our skin booster

    Ordinary Retinol is already considered to be the only active ingredient proven in studies to achieve skin rejuvenation. Perhaps it is worth mentioning here that the discovery of using Retinol on skin won a Nobel Prize in 1930. All other anti-aging contenders among active ingredients are measured for their effectiveness against Retinol. Dr. Miriam Rehbein, however, has succeeded in additionally improving the already unique Retinol - with the TECMi!® Deep Technology. This is a special form of molecule preparation in which the Retinol is enclosed by a double Encapsulation. This allows the Retinol to immediately penetrate into the lower layer of the skin (or dermis), where the crucial skin cells that initiate skin improvement are located. When using ordinary Retinol, there can be a loss of efficacy since the Retinol does not fully reach the dermis and partially adheres to the skin surface where it does not have any skincare effect. That is not the case with the TECMi!®-Retinol contained in our Skin Booster RED as it directly arrives there where it is needed.

    Skin booster with an extra high Retinol content of 8%

    In addition to the special technological advantage that RED offers in comparison with other skin boosters, it also distinguishes itself by its particularly high dosage: With a TECMi! Retinol complex concentration amounting to 8%, RED has a particularly high content of TECMi!®-Retinol. The dosage is adjusted in such a way to enable maximum care effects without overtaxing or harming the skin.

    These two components in particular make RED a unique skin booster that allows you to enjoy a high-class care treatment that will revolutionize your skin's appearance within a few weeks.

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    Besides RED, MASK is a second product in the Doctor Mi! medical skincare lineup of skin boosters. This is a high-class face mask which deeply builds up the skin, evens out the complexion and is even effective against acne and other impurities. This applies to all skin types: MASK is a special skin booster that combines a wide range of skincare functions and is a real blessing for any skin thanks to its comprehensive and consistently skin-improving care effects.

    Cell rejuvenating effect & powerful anti-aging effect

    MASK, like RED, also contains encapsulated TECMi!®-Retinol. This stimulates skin cells and leads them to increased activity. In other words, even skin cells of mature skin can behave like younger skin cells again when the skin booster is used regularly. They renew themselves more quickly and produce more skin-building proteins such as collagen or elastin which give the skin elasticity and resilience and prevent and reduce wrinkles. Skin-identical ceramides additionally support the skin's elasticity.

    Gentle & thorough deep cleansing

    In addition to strong skin renewing properties, MASK also shines as a special skin booster with a soothing and cleansing effect: Although MASK is gentle, it is nevertheless very thorough. Thanks to selected ingredients such as the exclusive active ingredient Black Beeome®, a fermented honey derived form a rare Swiss bee species, it restores the skin's microflora, reliably soothes areas affected by acne, repairs the skin barrier and regulates sebum production. This effect is reinforced by Azelair™ which is also soothes reddened areas of the skin.

    Balancing & restorative skin booster

    Besides the already mentioned benefits of Black Beeome®, it additionally protects and strengthens skin tissue. More high-quality active ingredients add to its values such as Symreboot™ L19, which has been proven to stabilize the skin barrier, or Avenaplex, which strengthens the dermis and prevents elasticity loss. Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E round out the product formulation by specifically protecting the skin from dehydration.

    In search of a multifunctional skin booster that offers your skin a soothing treatment as well as a tangible and visible improvement, MASK is the perfect choice for a strengthened, calm and visibly regenerated complexion.

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    WHAT OTHER PRODUCTS ARE AVAILABLE AT Doctor Mi! medical skincare?

    Skin boosters are indispensable helpers for a balanced, deeply nourished complexion that glows. But you should not forget care products that provide fundamental care for your skin. In our product range you will find exactly such care products and much more: