About the company:
Doctor Mi! medical skincare

Cell renewal thanks to innovative technologies and highly effective ingredients that does not compromise on issues of efficacy and tolerance:
This is what Doctor Mi! medical skincare stands for. The Doctor Mi! skincare line is the result of scientific studies, coupled with the extensive wealth of experience of dermatologist Dr. Miriam Rehbein, developer and founder of the brand.

Doctor Mi! medical skincare

The approach:
Deep care with maximum compatibility

From a sallow complexion to acne and rosacea to fine lines and wrinkles: Every skin is individual and has its own unique needs. And yet the different skin types have one thing in common: the desire for balanced, healthy, radiant skin. What sounds simple often turns out to be more difficult than expected. Inferior product quality, too low dosages or unsuitable active ingredients can harm the skin in the long term.

Weakened or even sick skin needs one thing first and foremost: a soothing, regenerating and strengthening treatment that rebalances it, provides it with optimal care and makes it radiant. Care that does the skin good, demonstrably strengthens it and protects it from inflammation, damage and other irritations. Skin health is close to our hearts and that is exactly what the care series Doctor Mi! medical skincare reflects.

Dr. Miriam Rehbein

No compromise on active ingredients and dosages

The skin care series of Doctor Mi! medical skincare is the result of years of research and experience of Dr. Miriam Rehbein: Originally herself in search of highly effective care, Dr. Miriam Rehbein went her own way. The goal was to develop a skincare range that offers effective and gentle solutions based on scientific findings, free of compromises and unsatisfactory results. Instead, the care products of Doctor Mi! medical skincare rely on smart and innovative active ingredient compositions of the highest quality, which not only meet the demanding regulations of the European Union, but also the requirements of demanding and sensitive skin. This is possible, among other things, because Doctor Mi! medical skincare clearly rejects irritating, aggressive and inflammation-promoting ingredients. The result is compatible, harmless and effective solutions for a wide range of skin needs.

Unique TECMi!®-depth technology for maximum skin renewal

What sets Doctor Mi! medical skin care apart from many other skin care lines is the unique TECMi! deep technology: This is a special form of molecule preparation. In concrete terms, this means that deep-acting ingredients, such as Retinol, are encapsulated in a double molecular encapsulation. This brings two decisive added values:

  • The molecules are more mobile and can penetrate more easily into the lower skin layer, the so-called dermis. This is particularly important because the crucial skin cells that drive skin renewal are located there.
  • The molecules are additionally protected by the double encapsulation. This means that the active ingredients are more resistant, for example, to the influence of light, which could otherwise harm them.

Ordinary, unencapsulated active ingredients, on the other hand, always entail a certain degree of loss of effect. With TECMi! deep technology, however, this is not the case: because with it, you give your skin a unique Retinol experience that brings more extensive and intensive rejuvenation effects. So you benefit from a significantly faster and more effective skin transformation, which becomes noticeable with a healthy and radiant complexion within a few weeks.

Doctor Mi!-Produkte

Innovative, high-dose, effective:
What makes DOCTOR-Mi! products stand out from the crowd?

Instead of ordinary compositions, Doctor Mi! skincare is composed of three essential components that enable the high effectiveness of the products:

  • A unique molecular encapsulation:
    Thanks to the so-called TECMi! technology, the molecules in the care products are double encapsulated. This innovative method of molecule preparation ensures that active ingredients can better penetrate into the depths of your skin layer to unfold their full potential and provide your skin with ideal care.
  • Highly effective dosages:
    A frequent problem of conventional skincare products is the insufficient dosage of active ingredients. If an active ingredient is present in an insufficient concentration, skin improvement is not successful and thus the desired effect of an even complexion is not achieved.
  • Effective complexes of active ingredients:
    Not only individual active ingredients are crucial for an even, healthy skin appearance. The combination of mutually reinforcing active ingredients can unleash additional potential that accelerates the skin's healing process and makes it glow faster.

Skin Change made easy

At Doctor Mi! medical skincare, however, complex product compositions do not mean that skin change has to be complicated - on the contrary: because Doctor Mi! products are designed to make skin change as simple as possible. In addition to conscious education about effective skin care, the brand focuses above all on coherent and beneficial skin change routines. These become rituals again with Doctor Mi! medical skin change, where you can relax and rediscover special care moments. For your skin, for you.
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