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    Perfectly harmonized: These are the benefits you can secure with a high-quality facial care set for men & women

    Buying a facial care set, whether for men or women, comes with a number of benefits that will benefit you and your skin.

    • High-quality care for targeted skin needs:
      As facial care sets are usually geared towards specific skin needs, they offer you optimal ingredients and product formulations to, for example, reduce wrinkles, give your skin a beautiful glow or rid your skin of acne and other impurities.
    • Coherent combinations of active ingredients:
      The products included in facial care kits are meant to be used together anyway, when using them you don't have to worry about possibly using different active ingredients at the same time that are incompatible and can result in skin irritation.
    • Valuable synergy effects:
      With high-quality facial care sets such as those from Doctor Mi! medical skincare, you also benefit from optimal product compositions. This means that the selection of active ingredients and dosages is not only harmless, but also particularly efficient, therefore, providing you with the best possible results.
    • Time saving:
      The time factor also plays a significant role in the decision for a uniform facial care set. You will save a lot of time by not having to search for suitable products that are unproblematic for each other and your skin.
    • Financial advantage:
      The purchase of an entire facial care set instead of individual products also has financial advantages as the set you quite often save a bit of money, compared to the sum of the individual prices of all products.

    Advice: How to choose the right skin and face care set

    Deciding on the set format is not difficult, given the many advantages it brings. But how do you choose the right skincare set? The following tips will help you find the perfect facial care set for you.

    1. Become aware of your skin needs

    What do you want for your skin and what is it lacking? If you can answer this question, that's the first step in the right direction. Common skin needs that exist are for example

    • The desire for a stunning glow,
    • A clarified complexion,
    • A firmer complexion,
    • Fewer wrinkles and a rejuvenated complexion,
    • Purer skin and much more.

    Tip: If you are not sure what your skin needs, we recommend that you take the Doctor Mi! skin test: This will tell you specifically what your skin needs and which products are particularly recommended for you.

    2. Make sure you use the right active ingredients

    Salicylic acid, Retinol, panthenol, Vitamin B3, oligo-hyaluron, vitamin E, Ectoin® and many more: there are many different ingredients that exert a wide variety of effects on skin tissue. In order to choose the right skincare set for your skin needs, the active ingredients contained should meet various criteria: It is important that you choose a facial care set with ingredients whose effects have been scientifically proven and whose tolerability has been dermatologically tested. In addition, the active ingredients should also be of high quality.

    Tip: Without exception, all active ingredients in the Doctor Mi! medical skincare products are evidence-based, which means: their effect is scientifically proven. The active ingredients contained in our products additionally meet even the highest quality standards.

    3. Pay attention to the correct dosages

    Simply paying attention to the active ingredients included will only help you to a certain extent in your search for the right facial care set. A common problem with many cosmetics products is that the active ingredients are present in far too low a dosage to really improve the skin. But the opposite is also possible: if you use an active ingredient in too high a dosage, for example, your skin may react with irritation.

    Tip: The Doctor Mi! medical skincare facial care sets are the result of years of research by Doctor Mi! founder and dermatologist, Dr. Miriam Rehbein. Based on her in-depth expertise, Dr. Rehbein uses gentle yet thorough active ingredient formulations that are tailored to specific skin needs, depending on the facial care set, but also contain product formulations that are harmonized with each other. This way, we make sure that your facial care gives you exactly the effects you desire.

    4. Avoid moisturizing products

    This is no joke, you read correctly: When choosing the right face care set, you should avoid those that moisturize. What sounds like skincare sacrilege makes perfect sense when you take a closer look. After all, if you repeatedly provide your skin with external moisture in the form of moisturizing creams, serums, essences, masks, and oils, you are conditioning it in the long run to reduce its activity and stop properly moisturizing itself, relying instead on external hydration. The result is accelerated skin aging, as shown by various scientific studies. In addition, an excess of oils and moisture on the skin leads to irritation which in turn results in increased pimple formation and impurities, especially around the mouth: the POD (Perioral Dermatitis), triggered by too much and wrong care.

    To prevent this from happening to you, it is important to support your skin in helping itself. More precisely, this means that you should opt for active ingredients that retain moisture such as squalane, lactate buffers, jojoba oil or oligo-hyaluron. These support the skin's own moisturization without endangering the activity of your skin cells and their independent moisture supply. In this way, you support your skin to help and to renew itself.

    Tip: The above-mentioned active ingredients, as well as several other moisture-retaining ingredients, are included in the Doctor Mi! facial care sets.

    5. Choose nourishing care

    The best products are of no use to your skin if the active ingredients do not get to the place they are needed: namely in the lower skin layer, the dermis. This is where the crucial skin cells are located which ensure that your skin becomes active and forms important skin building blocks that strengthen and tighten it. If too few active ingredients reach the dermis, the desired skincare effects often fail to materialize or are significantly lower than you would like.

    Tip: Doctor Mi! medical skincare pursues deeply nourishing care with all its products. Thanks to the unique TECMi!® Deep Technology, a special molecular Encapsulation, active ingredients reach the dermis directly and can optimally stimulate your skin cells.

    High quality dermatological facial care sets for every skin type

    The goal of Doctor Mi! medical skincare is for you to become your own skin expert. Your individual skin needs are decisive for this. To help you choose the right dermatological facial care set for your skin's needs, you will find a list and classification of all Doctor Mi! medical skincare skincare sets below which should make your choice easier.

    Face care set for normal skin: GLOW SET

    The GLOW SET is an excellent choice if you have normal skin, but your complexion is not yet as radiant as you would like. Thanks to the product combination of efficient cleansing products that smoothen your skin and remove excess skin cells, as well as high-quality care products that strengthen your skin from the inside out and deeply nourish it, you are assured to get a radiantly beautiful and healthy complexion with this top-class facial care set.

    GLOW SET »

    Face care set for Retinol beginners: RETINOL BEGINNER SET

    Are the first fine lines starting to appear on your skin? You can counteract this quickly and effectively with the RETINOL BEGINNER SET. Retinol is an evidence-based active ingredient that sets the standard by which all anti-aging ingredients are measured. To prevent skin aging, there is no better active ingredient. However, as a beginner or novice, it is important that you use Retinol in a controlled and gradual manner. With the RETINOL BEGINNER SET, this is easily possible thanks to three different creams with different Retinol concentrations.


    Face care set for impure skin & for acne: ACNE SET

    The Doctor Mi! ACNE SET offers effective help for acne, blackheads and other impurities. Thanks to selected active ingredients (such as highly dosed salicylic acid), the products contained in the set clear pores and visibly refine the skin's appearance. In addition, due to their gentle yet thorough antibacterial properties, the products protect the skin's acid mantle as well as stabilize and repair the damaged skin barrier. As a result, it becomes less permeable to germs and the skin's appearance gradually regenerates. The perfect support on the way to pure and healthy skin.

    Tip: The ACNE SET is also very suitable for young people with blemished skin.

    ACNE SET »

    Face care set for reddened skin & for rosacea: ROSACEA SET

    Severely reddened skin areas, protruding veins and nodules: Skin affected by rosacea and redness requires a skincare set that soothes and strengthens it. The ROSACEA SET by Doctor Mi! medical skincare contains products that achieve reliable effects in this regard. Thanks to soothing and cleansing active ingredients in optimal concentrations, the skin's appearance is balanced and the protective mantle of the skin is sustainably stabilized. Tip: There are also various massage techniques that significantly improve the skin's appearance in the case of rosacea and redness. You can use these without any problems in combination with our facial care set.


    Face care set for mature skin against wrinkles and fine lines: BEST AGER SET

    Even in the best years of life, the right skincare is essential. Wrinkles and diminishing elasticity in particular cause problems for the skin as it ages. With the BEST AGER SET, even aging skin regains its resistance thanks to cell-stimulating active ingredients and dosages: as a result of the set application, it forms more elastin and collagen again which gives it support and resilience. This way, mature skin learns to renew itself again with the BEST AGER SET. An effective rejuvenating treatment with a lasting effect.


    Facial care set for men's skin: MEN SET

    Shaving the beard results in stress for the skin, especially on the face, as the skin here is much thinner and more sensitive than on the rest of the body. In addition, men's skin is usually also significantly oilier and coarser-pored than women's skin. Therefore, men's skin is often particularly dependent on soothing care that relieves itching and prevents inflammation, but also regulates sebum production of the skin. The MEN SET gives you a fresher, more even and vital complexion: thanks to its unique ingredients such as allantoin and Vitamin B5, it is ideally suited to the special needs of men's skin. This Doctor Mi! facial care set is also particularly compact and still offers you everything your skin needs.

    MEN SET »

    Face care set for pigment spots & melasma: MELASMA SET

    If your skin is prone to pigmentation spots, you can treat them in a particularly effective way with the Doctor Mi! MELASMA SET. This supports you optimally in getting pigment spots in the form of melasma, age spots, pregnancy masks and more under control without any problems, and at the same time gives you a fresh and healthy complexion. With this special facial care set, you not only fade out unwanted pigmentation spots, but also offer your skin high-quality and effective care that you can be proud of. 


    Face care set for all skin types: ALLofMi!

    The ALLofMi! SET contains the entire care series by Doctor Mi! medical skincare in one face care set. What makes this set special are two things: on the one hand, the combination of selected active ingredients, all of which provide gentle cleansing and deeply nourishing care; on the other hand, optimal dosages that ensure your skin is cared for and protected in the best possible way, from A to Z. Because of this particular approach, which aims to let skin heal first and foremost, this particular facial care set is suitable for a wide variety of skin needs and skin types. The result of this healing process is a radiant complexion and refined skin texture.

    ALLofMi! SET »

    More high-quality skincare sets

    In addition to the facial skincare sets already mentioned, Doctor Mi! medical skincare offers other skincare sets in smaller sizes that are perfect for traveling or for convincing you of Doctor Mi! medical skincare before you decide on one of the regular facial skincare sets.

    skincare set to try out: SAMPLE SET

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating, right? The best way to do this is with the Doctor Mi! SAMPLE SET: This contains samples of 10 different Doctor Mi! medical skincare products. As a facial care set in small, it offers you the perfect opportunity to test our products and convince yourself of their outstanding effectiveness.


    Compact skincare set for on the go: TRAVEL with Mi! CLASSIC

    With the compact travel set TRAVEL with Mi! CLASSIC, you can be sure that the five effective products included in travel sizes provide your skin with the best possible care, even on short business trips or when visiting friends. So you don't have to do without thorough skincare even when traveling.


    Comprehensive skincare set for longer trips: TRAVEL with Mi! DELUXE

    During longer stays, our comprehensive face care set TRAVEL with Mi! DELUXE provides your skin with everything it needs. It includes all the products of the CLASSIC SET, plus three additional skincare products to maintain your glow at all times. Perfect for frequent travelers who place a lot of value on high-quality facial care.

    TRAVEL with Mi! DELUXE SET »

    Even more high-quality facial care for you

    Our facial care sets are not the only ones that provide you with optimal care - you have many more options in our store to provide your skin with high-quality and luxurious facial care: