Does man need a facial care? Definitely! Men's skin also has to deal with everyday stresses such as dirt, cold and UV radiation. In addition, there is the daily beard care, which always poses a challenge to your skin in the face. But don't worry: With effective care products and regular skincare, you can bring your skin back into balance.

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    The products of Doctor Mi! medical skincare are specifically designed for the needs of men's skin and provide them with effective active ingredients that repair your skin, strengthen it from the inside and make it more resistant to external stress. Men's skin is anatomically different from women's skin because it is thicker and coarser. Hormones also have a decisive influence on the texture of the skin. Since men have more testosterone in their blood and therefore more sebaceous glands than women, their skin is usually oilier, which is why it requires different care. Discover our Skincare Must-haves, which are suitable for both women and men, as well as the highlights of our men's facial care and ensure an all-round well-groomed appearance.



    Our skincare products for men provide your skin with comprehensive care and help it achieve a healthy complexion. What makes the products of Doctor Mi! medical skincare so special, we reveal to you in the following

    • TECMi® deep technology: Thanks to the innovative TECMi® Encapsulation system, the active ingredients reach the deeper skin layer in their pure form.
    • TECMi® Retinol: The high-end TECMi® Retinol is double encapsulated and cares for your skin from the inside out.
    • TECMi!® Vitamin B5: The power vitamin promotes moisture retention and regulates sebum production.
    • AHA fruit acids: Regular use of AHA fruit acids promotes a smooth, even complexion and ensures a firm complexion. Benefit from a clarified complexion every day!
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    • Dermatologically tested: All products of Doctor Mi! medical skincare are dermatologically tested and convince with their smart combinations of active ingredients.



    Men's skin wants to be well cared for, too. Follow our care steps in the morning as well as in the evening and ensure an effective treatment for your skin.