Make someone happy with the high-quality gifts & accessories by Doctor Mi! medical skincare

Whether as practical partners in everyday life or premium gifts for special occasions: Doctor Mi! medical skincare has some special products in store which you can either please someone - or simply yourself with. With our high-quality skin care accessories and gift ideas, successfully bringing a smile to the face of the recipient is guaranteed.

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    Practical in everyday life and on the go: Accessories by Doctor Mi! medical skincare

    Just as high quality as our care products - the practical skincare accessories by Doctor Mi! medical skincare.

    Accessories: Useful partners in everyday life

    Whether on the road or at home: The Doctor Mi! accessories for everyday use are not only high quality, but also very useful. For example, the HAND SANITIZER. As a handy companion, it fits in any pocket or handbag, but is also perfectly kept anywhere fresh and clean hands are required, i.e. in the car or on the desk. In addition to its disinfecting effect, which eliminates 99% of all germs and bacteria, it also has a refreshing and very pleasant scent.

    Practical skincare tools for skincare treatments and more

    Doctor Mi! tools and accessories not only make everyday life easier but also complete the luxurious care experience that Doctor Mi! medical skincare delivers with all of its products.

    DERMAROLLER: Cell-renewing game changer for every skincare routine

    This tool should not be missing in any bathroom: the Doctor Mi! DERMAROLLER. Thanks to the excellent skin-stimulating effects that microneedling makes possible, the DERMAROLLER is suitable for absolutely any skin type - the exception being children's skin. Whether for anti-aging, reduction of pigmentation spots and melasma or scar treatment: Using this smart tool, nothing will stand in the way of an effective rejuvenation cure.

    Tip: The following products can be perfectly applied to the skin with the DERMAROLLER:

    STRAP: The perfect ally for every grooming routine

    The right care products are optimally complemented by the corresponding accessories: This also applies to Doctor Mi! medical skincare. That is why, in addition to high-quality premium facial care, our range also includes some practical helpers for treatments and more. For example, our headband: the practical headband holds back disturbing hair and keeps the face free for undisturbed care routines. STRAP is also a helpful partner for exercising or a wellness treatment thanks to its special material and comfortable fit.

    BAG: Well-equipped at home and on the road

    Just as helpful an accessory as the headband, albeit in a completely different way, is the Doctor Mi! cosmetic bag thanks to its transparent surface, it is easy to keep track of all products and ensure organization. At the same time, the cosmetic bag is suitable for hand luggage and additionally is made with waterproof lining which reliably protects the luggage from leaks and the like.

    From sincere gratitude to deep affection: Premium gift ideas by Doctor Mi! medical skincare for loved ones.

    In addition to high-quality accessories for everyday life and at home, Doctor Mi! medical skincare also offers a wide range of high-quality gift ideas that are perfect for a variety of occasions: from small surprises for your best friend to thoughtful gifts for your family and loving gift sets for your sweetheart or loved one.

    Premium skincare that not only makes your eyes glow 

    Give your loved ones a real treat: With one of the exclusive gift sets by Doctor Mi! medical skincare, you can express love and gratitude in a special way. The following gift sets are ideally suited for this purpose.

    The ALLofMi! SET: A box full of beauty

    With the ALLofMi! SET you give away the entire care series by Doctor Mi! medical skincare in one set. As a fully comprehensive set, ALLofMi! contains everything that skin could wish for: The care combines exquisite active ingredients of the highest quality with effective dosages and serves the most diverse needs across all skin types. The perfect gift, thanks to satisfying premium products for healthy, deeply nourished and beautiful skin.

    ALLofMi! SET »

    GLOW SET: For sparkling eyes and radiant skin

    The GLOW SET is the perfect choice if you're looking for a medium-sized set to make already healthy and nourished skin radiate even more. It includes selected Doctor Mi! medical skincare products that provide thorough but gentle cleansing, effectively nourish the skin and give the complexion a unique, dazzlingly beautiful glow. Ideally suited to the desire for a stunning glow.

    GLOW SET »

    MEN SET: The entire men's series in one gift set

    The perfect gift for your sweetheart, brother or best friend - the MEN SET includes the entire Doctor Mi! medical skincare line for men. As a soothing and deeply caring product line, it is available for any type of men's skin and results in a fresher and more vital complexion: for more radiance and an all-around well-groomed appearance. Whether for your own partner or best friend: with the MEN SET, every man's skin is perfectly cared for, without exception.

    MEN SET »

    Gift ideas for jetsetters, cosmopolitans and world explorers

    To all those who feel at home all over the world or who are regularly on the road, the following gift sets will be a nice surprise.


    Our compact travel set TRAVEL with Mi! CLASSIC is the ideal travel companion for short stays and side trips. The gift set contains a total of five products that provide thorough skin nourishment and care even when traveling. This gift set is a good idea for all those who do not want to do without healthy and nourished skin when traveling.


    TRAVEL with Mi! DELUXE

    Die optimale Begleitung für längere Reisen und Aufenthalte ist das TRAVEL with Mi! DELUXE SET: Dieses enthält alle Produkte des CLASSIC SETS, wartet aber zusätzlich mit drei weiteren Pflegeprodukten auf und versorgt die Haut damit jederzeit bestmöglich: Das ideale Präsent für anspruchsvolle Reisende, die auch auf Reisen Wert auf hohe Qualität und Premium-Pflege legen.

    TRAVEL with Mi! DELUXE SET »

    Exclusive gift sets to try out

    To offer a glimpse at the effectiveness of our products, our smaller sets are ideal: These include compact compilations of Doctor Mi! products that provide an insight into the premium quality of the active ingredients and product formulations. Especially beginners in the field of skincare benefit from these small but nice gift sets.

    SAMPLE SET: The Doctor Mi! products in small for trying out

    A collection of 10 different sample products to try out: The SAMPLE SET which contains 10 different Doctor Mi! products in small versions to allow you to get a quick overview of our skincare series - and to convince yourself. It is the perfect opportunity to get to know and learn to love Doctor Mi! medical skincare directly and personally. The SAMPLE SET is perfect as a small gift for in between.


    Retinol BEGINNER SET: The perfect start for all Retinol beginners

    Give away a rejuvenating cure for at home? With the RETINOL BEGINNER SET this is made possible: It enables a controlled and successful start for all those who would like to try out the powerful active ingredient and integrate it into their skincare. For example, you can give the RETINOL BEGINNER SET by Doctor Mi! medical skincare to close friends who are looking for support in getting started with Retinol.


    More skincare sets for targeted skin needs

    Besides the gift ideas already mentioned, it may be that one of the following sets is on the wish list of the person you want to give a real treat.

    AKNE SET: Effective support for impure problem skin

    All those who suffer from acne, pimples, blackheads and other impurities are helped by the ACNE SET by Doctor Mi! medical skincare. Thanks to highly effective ingredients and effective dosages, this is a real problem solver that not only gives a cleared complexion, but also cares for the skin in a harmless way. The set is suitable for both teenagers and adults close to you who want to give a gift with real added value.

    ACNE SET »

    ROSACEA SET: Effective care for reddened skin

    Reddened skin and skin affected by rosacea can be sustainably controlled with the ROSAZEA SET by Doctor Mi! medical skincare. The set offers a combination of products specifically designed for the special needs of such skin, from individual red veins to reddened skin areas. Ideal for all rosacea patients who desire to heal their own problem skin.


    MELASMA SET: Reliable treatment for melasma and pigment spots

    Pigment spots are a thing of the past with it: The MELASMA SET by Doctor Mi! medical skincare offers effective support in achieving convincing results within a short time in the treatment of melasma and other pigment spots. Especially for new moms who suffer from pregnancy mask, this gift will come at just the right time. 


    BEST AGER SET: Delicate care set for the best years of life

    BEST AGER SET offers excellent skincare for the best years of life. Thanks to cell-renewing active ingredients in highly effective concentrations, it not only successfully reduces signs of aging but also provides the optimal skincare due to a variety of nourishing ingredients that stimulate skin renewal. A welcome package full of freshness for family members or close friends in their prime.


    Give the gift of joy: More skincare ideas, more possibilities

    Besides our classic gift ideas and skincare accessories, our assortment holds a whole range of other selected products that are perfect for gifting or simply trying out: