Doctor Mi! medical skincare products for thorough & gentle facial cleansing

A clear and deeply cleansed complexion: What might seem unattainable, is a tangible possibility with Doctor Mi! medical skincare, even for problem skin: The Doctor Mi! products for mild facial cleansing even help tired and blemished skin to achieve a deep-pore cleansing and an all-round clean and fresh complexion. We will tell you what else is important, which active ingredients help and what you should also look out for.

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    Thorough and mild facial cleansing: Indispensable foundation for deeply nourished skin and a radiant complexion

    A thorough and mild facial cleansing is indispensable for every skin type without exception. With the right facial cleansing you pave the way for radiantly beautiful and deeply nourished skin.

    Mild facial cleansing: Why it is so important

    Thorough and mild facial cleansing is crucial for a number of reasons: not only to keep the skin clear, but for it be and stay healthy:

    • Healthy skin barrier:
      By treating your skin with a mild facial cleanser, you ensure that your skin barrier remains intact. More specifically, this means that the outermost layer of the skin, the acid mantle, is not damaged. With aggressive product formulations or unsuitable active ingredients, on the other hand, the skin can react negatively to it with irritation, impurities and other signs of counterproductive care.
    • Reliable moisture retention:
      In addition, mild facial cleansing protects your skin from moisture loss. As soon as the skin is deprived of moisture, it loses its elasticity and resistance, it appears less "plump", as they say. As a result, it not only looks tired and weary but also tends to wrinkle more quickly. Important: A mild and appropriate facial cleansing only stores the skin's own moisture, but does not provide it with any additional moisture! This is because an external supply of moisture signals to your cells that they are well supplied. As a result, your skin begins to slow down its regular activity, which causes it to age and to become more dependent on the external supply.
    • Radiant Glow:
      Mild facial cleansing is also beneficial for visual reasons. By cleansing your skin in a mild yet thorough manner, you remove dead skin cells, excess sebum and other irritating deposits that make your skin appear uneven. Diligently and gently cleansed skin, on the other hand, looks smooth and fresh, creating the perfect foundation for a radiant complexion.

    In summary, you can think of it like this: An uneven surface, like that of a towel, does not reflect light. A smooth, even surface without clear indentations, such as a mirror, optimally reflects light. In the desire for the perfect glow, a mild and reliable cleansing ensures that the skin is perfectly conditioned to have these "reflective" properties. Consequently, the basis for this is healthy skin, of course, which has stable skin protection.

    The mild cleansing products by Doctor Mi! medical skincare make these caring effects possible for all skin types. Whether you have normal or problem skin: The focus of our products is always immediate skin recovery and the optimal care for your skin which manifests in a radiant complexion. Our effective cleansing products accompany you on this path.

    Mild facial cleansing in three steps: This is how you do it

    A thorough facial cleansing routine should consist of three basic steps:

    Step 1: Cleansing gel

    A mild and thorough cleansing gel frees the skin from makeup, grime and some other impurities. A suitable, i.e. mild and at the same time clarifying, cleansing gel is always pH neutral: This ensures that your skin can tolerate the cleansing and does not cause irritation.

    Tip: Similar to human skin, the Doctor Mi! CLEAN cleansing gel has a slightly acidic pH value and cleanses the skin in a particularly mild and deeply nourishing way. What's more, even eye make-up can be easily removed with it and you will not need make-up remover. The same applies, of course, to CLEAN MEN, the cleansing gel for men's skin, which also contains skin-soothing ingredients to prevent shaving-related irritations.

    Step 2: Toner

    Step 1 is followed by cleansing with a mild toner. This reliably removes the last impurities and balances out the pH value of the skin. Here it is particularly important to choose a toner that is not aggressive and does not harm the skin. Otherwise, the acid mantle of the skin is attacked, irritations occur and the skin becomes more permeable to external stressors such as free radicals and bacteria.

    Tip: Our mild toners TONE and TONE MEN offer your skin gentle cleansing while protecting the skin barrier. For impure and oily skin, TONE.S is perfect choice.

    Step 3: Peeling

    The final step of a mild yet thorough facial cleansing is a peeling treatment. You can choose between chemical peels (which work on the basis of enzymes) and mechanical peels (which contain noticeable peeling particles). In both cases it is recommended to massage the peeling thoroughly into the skin.

    Important: Make sure that your scrub does not contain particles made of microplastics, as they can harm you. Likewise, exfoliating particles made of sugar or salt are unsuitable, as these can cause uncontrolled injuries to your skin.

    Tip: A particularly mild yet effective exfoliator that works both mechanically and chemically is PEEL. It consists of finely ground, 100% natural cherry pit shells that do not harm your skin in any way. It also contains squalane, which protects your skin from free radicals. The contained tea tree oil has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

    Extra tip: If you want to cleanse your skin additionally and offer it a special care treatment, our skin booster MASK is the ideal choice for this. Thanks to the contained Black Beeome, a highly effective, cleansing active ingredient complex, the skin is soothed and deeply cleansed within just 15 minutes.

    The best active ingredients for thorough and mild facial cleansing

    There is a whole range of active ingredients that help your skin to achieve a mild facial cleansing and thoroughly yet gently remove makeup, dirt, skin flakes and some other impurities. At the same time, you should also make sure that your cleansing products also contain pH-stabilizing active ingredients that protect and strengthen your skin barrier. With this in mind, you can use the following overview when choosing your facial cleansing products for thorough yet mild care.

    Important: All of the active ingredients listed below are safe, have been proven in studies and are generally suitable for all skin types. In addition, they are elementary components of Doctor Mi! cleansing products.


    Acetylglucosamine is a building block of hyaluronic acid. It is therefore not surprising that this active ingredient has moisture-retaining properties. Thus, acetylglucosamine specifically counteracts a feeling of dryness on the skin while enabling a mild exfoliation of dead skin cells from the top layer of skin.

    Tip: The Doctor Mi! peeling PEEL contains acetylglucosamine and offers your skin all the benefits of this special active ingredient.

    AHA fruit acids

     are a group of natural acids that are also contained in fruit, for example. AHA is an acronym and stands for "Alpha Hydroxy Acid". In the appropriate dosage, they are able to free your upper skin layer, the epidermis, from dead skin cells. Thus, they expose fresh and soft skin that appears smoother, plumper and healthier. Well-known examples of AHA fruit acids include.

    • Glycolic acid: mild exfoliating effect, balances the skin, accelerates cell renewal, binds moisture.
    • Mandelic acid: has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, mildly dissolves keratinization on the top layer of skin, stimulates cell division in the lower layer of skin, balances skin tone in cases of pigment spots
    • Lactic acid: reliably stores moisture in the epidermis, regulates the pH value of the acid mantle, provides mild exfoliation on the skin
    • Tartaric acid: stimulates metabolism, wound healing and the rejuvenation skin cells

    Tip: AHA fruit acids are contained in high doses in our TONE and TONE MEN products. In addition, our toner for impure and oily skin, TONE.S, also contains AHA fruit acids, but in a slightly lower dosage.


    Allantoin is an effective active ingredient when it comes to soothing irritations. Aggravated skin in particular benefits from its mild and soothing effects. Allantoin also prevents dryness and soothes itching.

    Tip: Due to its soothing properties, allantoin is an important ingredient of the TONE facial toner, which you can also use as an excellent substitute for shaving cream.

    BHA/Salicylic acid

    Beta-hydroxy acid, better known as salicylic acid, shows excellent results in cleansing oily and blemished skin. Unlike AHA fruit acids, which are exclusively water-soluble, salicylic acid has an oil-dissolving effect. It penetrates deeper into the skin than AHA fruit acids do, drives the desquamation of the upper, already dead skin cells more strongly and additionally dissolves the sebum accumulated in the pores (e.g. in the form of blackheads or comedones). In addition, salicylic acid has a convincing anti-inflammatory effect and inhibits bacterial growth on the skin. Therefore, salicylic acid is ideally suited for the mild cleansing of oily and blemished skin.

    Tip: Highly dosed salicylic acid contains TONE.S, the Doctor Mi! facial toner for impure and oily skin.

    Essential amino acids

    Essential amino acids are a group of nine different amino acids that give the skin resilience and tone. Unlike non-essential amino acids, the human body cannot produce them itself, which is why essential amino acids must usually be ingested through food. These include for example

    • Lysine: strengthens and tightens the skin surface
    • Methionine: protects the skin from pollutants, supports the flexibility of the skin
    • Threonine: promotes moisture retention in the skin and is an important building block for collagen and elastin, two structural proteins that give the skin elasticity

    Tip: The gentle Doctor Mi! toner TONE contains essential amino acids that strengthen your skin and help it to become more resilient.


    Panthenol is known as an ingredient in many wound and healing ointments. But in addition to its repairing properties, this active ingredient does a lot more: Panthenol has been shown to counteract inflammation, retain the skin's own moisture and protect the skin barrier. In particular, it effectively prevents itching and a feeling of tightness in the skin. It also effectively increases skin elasticity.

    Tip: Panthenol is contained in both CLEAN cleansing gel and CLEAN MEN. Both keep the skin barrier intact and give the skin more flexibility.

    Pantothenic acid/Vitamin B5

    Vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid, is considered the queen of skin vitamins - and quite rightly so: this particular vitamin is known in particular for being very important to skin metabolism. Even very dry, chapped and reddened skin benefits from Vitamin B5 which effectively supports the refatting of the skin. In addition, Vitamin B5 activates cell regeneration and is also considered a very helpful active ingredient in the treatment of blemished and acne-prone skin.

    Tip: Doctor Mi! cleansing gels CLEAN and CLEAN MEN both contain Vitamin B5 which not only cleanses your skin intensively, but also protects it from moisture loss.


    Squalanes are moisture-retaining active ingredients. In facial cleansing products, they specifically prevent skin aging, i.e. in the form of dryness wrinkles. As antioxidants, squalanes also scavenge free radicals and protects the skin from damage.

    Tip: Squalane is contained in our mild PEEL peeling. By the way, this is so gentle to the skin that you can use it every day without harming your skin.

    SyriCalm™ CLR

    SyriCalm™ CLR is a natural active ingredient complex that has a anti-inflammatory properties and a soothing and relaxing effect on the skin. Further, it stabilizes the pH value, promotes cell function and strengthens the skin barrier.

    Tip: SyriCalm™ CLR is contained in the cleansing gels CLEAN and CLEAN MEN .

    Facial cleansing: Dos and don'ts for your skincare routine

    The following rules will help make facial cleansing as gentle and effective as possible:

    • Use warm water
      Under no circumstances should you wash your face with hot water as this not only removes moisture from your skin but can also lead to scalds in the worst case.
    • Look out for highly effective active ingredients:
      When choosing facial cleansing products, it is worth taking a look at the active ingredient specifications. If unsuitable or ineffective active ingredients are chosen, the desired cleansing effect will not be achieved. In particular, a high proportion of silicones, which neither have a cleansing nor a caring function, should be avoided.
    • Choose pH neutral care:
      By choosing products for your facial cleansing that are pH neutral, you do not risk skin irritations or a weakening of your acid mantle. In particular, products that have a pH value similar to that of human skin, which is slightly acidic at 5.5, have a gentle effect. That's why you should never wash your face with ordinary hand soap, for example, as it has a pH value of 9 to 10 which is much too high. The result in this case is that the soap not only dehydrates your skin, but also makes it more susceptible to irritation and bacteria.
    • Look for paraben free products:
      It has not yet been conclusively clarified whether parabens have a negative effect on health. Until there are definitive research results on this, it is advisable to avoid products containing parabens.
    • Choose products with effective dosages of active ingredients:
      With the wrong dosages of active ingredients, either the desired cleansing effect is not achieved or the skin is overwhelmed by a dosage that is far too high. Therefore, it is also important to check product formulations.
    • Avoid moisturizing cleansing products:
      Moisturizing cleansers condition your skin to become more inactive and age faster. A sensible and mild facial cleanser that maintains and supports the skin's natural function should only have moisture-retaining properties and help the skin to adequately hydrate itself.
    • Use clean towels:
      The fact that germs can also be found on towels is often underestimated when cleaning the face. The best cleansing is useless if you dry your face with a towel that you have already used.
    • Pat your skin:
      Instead of rubbing the face dry, a much gentler option is to dab it in a controlled manner. In this way, sensitive and irritated skin in particular is not additionally irritated.

    Mild facial cleansing: After cleansing is before the care

    Your skin is optimally cleansed? Perfect, then it's time for the right facial care. Here you can find out what to look out for, which active ingredients are helpful and which products support you optimally.