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Nina Suess

Nina Suess

It's hard to imagine the German fashion world without blogger Nina Suess. In her eponymous blog, founded in 2013, the Spanish-born, London-based influencer inspires women all over the world. A radiantly beautiful complexion naturally is par for the course. The influencer was looking for the right care prodcuts for a long time and has placed her trust in the expertise of Dr. Miriam Rehbein for several years. Learn more about Nina's path to beautiful skin and the right care.

Nina Suess

Nina's favorite products

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Nina Suess × Doctor MI!

Nina's cousin conviced her of the effectiveness of Doctor Mi! medical skincare products. It soon became apparent: she had to meet Miriam Rehbein and Doctor Mi! medical skincare in person. Even before that, Nina tried out various cosmetic products. Thanks to Doctor Mi! medical skincare, she is more than satisfied with her skin today.

Doctor Mi!: Dear Nina, as a fashion influencer, looks play a fairly significant role. How important is skin care for you?

Nina Suess: I would almost say that skin care is one of the most important aspects in my life! I've had problems with acne on and off for almost 12 years, so proper skin care is the name of the game for me.

Doctor Mi!: Who or what inspires you when it comes to the topic of skin?

Nina Suess: I'm fascinated by these women who have naturally fine-pored and perfect skin - it makes me jealous every now and then!

Doctor Mi!: What characterizes your skin and how would you describe it?

Nina Suess: My skin is actually nice - if it weren't for recurring blemishes and even wrinkles now. With the right care though I've had my skin very well under control so far.


It is difficult to find creams with sufficient Retinol concentrations. Otherwise, your constantly applying and applying without achieving any significant results.

Nina Suess Zitat

Doctor Mi!: What is important to you when you're choosing care products?

Nina Suess:One of the most important ingredients for me is TECMi!®-Retinol. With conventional Retinol it is, however, difficult to find creams with sufficient concentration. Otherwise, you're constantly applying and applying - and nothing happens. Then I came to Doctor Mi! and discovered TECMi!® Retinol for myself.

Nina's favorite products

Doctor Mi!: What exactly about the products excites you so much?

Nina Suess: I can actually see results! And it's really rare to see a visibly transformed skin appearance after such a short time.

Doctor Mi!: How has your skin changed since you started using Doctor Mi! medical skincare products?

Nina Suess: I have much less blemishes and my skin is firmer and more radiant, in general. I am now 30 years old but find my skin is more like that of a 25-year-old.

Doctor Mi!: Which Doctor Mi! products are among your absolute favorites?

Nina Suess: RED and PEEL are definitely an indispensable basis for me. Of course, I can't go with out CLEAN and SERUM. Oh, honestly, actually the entire series. The products are simply perfectly harmonized with each other.

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Ninas Beauty-Tipps

Doctor Mi!: Finally, do you have a personal beauty tip for us?

Nina Suess: Yes, I always emphasize this - thoroughly remove make-up and cleanse every evening. In addition, you should generally be careful with makeup. Pores are quickly clogged and if we are being honest - most people are much more beautiful without make-up anyway.