Dr. Miriam Rehbein

Specialist, Product Developer, Founder and Business Woman
Ever since her residency as a young doctor she has developed her own skincare products, and today she is the head of a highly effective and successful cosmetics line:
Ever since her residency as a young doctor she has developed her own skincare products, and today she is the head of a highly effective and successful cosmetics line:

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Searching and discovering the right recipe

An effective product that satisfies her skin's requirements and provides it with the best possible care: The search for a product that met her simple needs proved futile for Miriam Rehbein despite putting some effort in and ultimately leading to frustration. Too many irritating ingredients, low concentrations, ineffective compositions that failed to produce the hoped-for results: None of the products on the market could deliver on the student's desire for simple facial care for healthy skin.

In order to fully serve her own needs and strengthen her skin barrier in the long term, Miriam Rehbein developed her first highly effective formulas during her medical studies which helped her achieve deeply nourished and visibly healthy skin. The passion to develop effective and target-oriented formulas herself was awakened.

From Munich to South Africa: medical career

In view of the excellent results, Miriam Rehbein received direct requests and already passed on her pharmacy recipes to patients while she was a student. However, the formulations varied greatly from pharmacy to pharmacy ¬- and so did the consistency and potency of the compositions. The desire for creating her own skincare line was there but Dr. Rehbein's primary focus was on her career as a dermatology specialist.

During her various professional stops, including South Africa and the US, Dr. Rehbein was able to familiarize herself with the entire dermatological spectrum and gain valuable experience that was to significantly shape her expertise. The desire for self-realization and a real solution for skin needs did not let her go during all this time.

Between specialist and business woman

After several years of dealing directly with the concerns and problems of patients while also intensively researching, the time had come: Dr. Rehbein followed her desire and idea of a care line that provides optimal care for even the most demanding skin. In the meantime, she had already been running her own practice, Dermatologie am Friedensengel, for several years, as well as her own cosmetics institute, Isarkosmetik. But she still wanted to work on highly effective solutions for deeply healthy, radiant skin that everyone could have.


As a doctor, I am absolutely convinced of study-proven active ingredients. These active ingredients are often used in too low a dosage or quality in the cosmetics available though to deliver visible results. In addition, they often included senseless, counterproductive and irritating additives. Doctor Mi! medical skincare is free of such compromises.

After four years of intensive research and product development, a new, exciting chapter began for Dr. Rehbein in 2018: today better known as Doctor Mi! medical skincare. The skincare line, which has now enjoyed several years of success, is still personally curated by Dr. Rehbein: from active ingredient compositions to product design and advertising materials. The special combination of deep-technological and organic active ingredients make this care series so effective. Because of the special active ingredient complexes, Dr. Miriam Rehbein has succeeded in unlocking active ingredient potentials for the regeneration and cell renewal of skin in the form of highly effective care products.

TECMi!®-Deep Technology as the core element of the care series

The special effectiveness that has distinguished the care series by Dr. Rehbein from the beginning derives from the TECMi!® Deep Technology: an innovative form of molecular encapsulation which Dr. Miriam Rehbein has made the decisive core element of her care series from the start. TECMi!® Retinol, in particular, plays a vital role in the entire skin care series.

By enclosing the special active ingredients of the skin care series, Retinol above all, in a double encapsulation, they offer two key advantages: on the one hand, they are better protected which makes them more resistant; on the other, the TECMi!®-encapsulated active ingredients can penetrate the lower skin layer more easily. This is crucial for effective skin care as the skin cells, whose activity determines skin renewal, are located in this layer of skin.

Whereas ordinary active ingredients often only partially reach this layer of skin, the dermis, the proportion of TECMi!®-encapsulated active ingredients is significantly higher - and so is the skin-rejuvenating effect of Doctor Mi! medical skincare.

Professional development: a pivotal path to reaching goals

It was not only her own professional development that paved the way for Doctor Mi! medical skincare: Today, Dr. Rehbein passes on her knowledge in the field of aesthetic medicine to colleagues as a specialist expert and keynote speaker at training courses, workshops and continuing education programs, with a special focus on laser medicine. The developer and founder of Doctor Mi! medical skincare not only keeps her industry up to date with the latest research this way but her products too, which is beneficial to the entire skincare line.

Dr. Miriam Rehbein's Vita

  • Studies and doctorate at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf
  • Several years of residency in general, visceral and trauma surgery
  • Several years of experience in renowned dermatological practices in Munich
  • Founding her own practice Dermatologie am Friedensengel as well as her own cosmetic institute Isarkosmetik
  • Lecturer for hyaluronic acid injections
  • Expert on medical issues
  • Founding the Doctor Mi! medical skincare series


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