Active ingredients

Active ingredients for your skin

As a specialist in dermatology, Dr. Miriam Rehbein is convinced by the active ingredients that have been proven by studies - "the hereos for skin health". However, these active ingredients are often contained in to low a dosage or quality in the cosmetics available and fail to deliver visible results. In addition, senseless, counterproductive and irritating additives are often included. Doctor Mi! medical skincare does not compromise and is instead brimming with heroes.



SyriCalm ™

Natural active ingredient complex, calming and relaxing, relieves itching, reduces redness, improves the skin barrier function, strengthens the skin's self-defense mechanisms, improves cell function, effectively reduces inflammation, stabilizes the pH value


BHA / salicylic acid

Pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and weakly inhibits the growth of bacteria, strengthens skin barriers, has a repairing effect

Black BeeOme

Black BeeOme ™

Faster regeneration of the skin flora, black bee honey ferment to restore the natural microflora, reduced sebum production, optimization of greasy, uneven facial skin, deeply relaxing and clearing


AHA fruit acids

Removal of dead skin, stimulation of cell renewal, promotes a smooth and even complexion, stimulation of collagen and elastine fibers, smoothing and firming effect


Niacinamide / vitamin B3

Regulation of sebum production, stimulation of new collagen formation, strengthening of skin barrier protection, reduction of hyperpigmentation, improvement of the skin's appearance, anti-inflammatory



Natural active ingredient complex, repair and regeneration of aged, damaged skin, lasting calming properties and quick anti-inflammatory effect, increasing skin moisture, relieving skin irritation, improving the texture of the skin


Pantothenic acid / vitamin B5

Queen of the skin vitamins, improvement of skin elasticity, stimulation of cell division, irritation relief, regulation of sebum production, refinement of pore size, strong regenerative capacity, effective wound healing accelerator



Anti-inflammatory, supports wound healing, nourishes scars, activates skin cell renewal, accelerates skin regeneration, removes necrotic tissue


Oligo-hyaluronic acid

Anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, strong water storage, improvement of elasticity and resilience, slowdown of wrinkle formation, promotes wound healing, immediate lifting effect, regeneration of hyaluronic acid, skin barrier protection, cell protection, auto-repair effect, skin metabolism regulation, anti-pollution, moisture storage, skin tightening, formation of new skin, reduction of uneven pigmentation, free radical catcher


Symlift ™

Natural anti-aging active ingredient, reduces fine lines and wrinkles with immediate effect, provides skin with moisture, pH value stabilization, smoothing and firming effect


VoluLip ™

Improvement of the lip texture, optimization of the lip shape, increase in lip volume, anti-aging, reduction of wrinkles, reduction of fine wrinkles around the mouth, moisture storage, collagen and elastin formation

Extremoin® Antipollution-Aktivstoff

Extremoin® antipollution active ingredient

Natural protective film against drying out, moisturizer, reduces feelings of tension in the skin, regenerating and balancing, pH value stabilization



Clinically proven anti-wrinkle peptide, sustainable reduction of wrinkle depth up to 50%, skin-relaxing, naturally rejuvenating, botox-like complex, wrinkle-smoothing effect, anti-aging, new collagen formation, new hyaluronic acid formation, wrinkle reduction