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This power ingredient makes your skin tingle: AHA fruit acid. It provides an AHA moment in your skincare routine by smoothing your complexion and making your skin glow. The so-called alpha-hydroxy fruit acids are acids derived from a natural substance, such as sugar cane, milk, almonds or grapes. They have a particularly stimulating effect on your skin and gently remove dead skin cells. The active ingredient is part of an effective skincare routine for good reason, because it is suitable for every skin type and ensures a radiantly beautiful complexion. We explain below how you can make the most of the AHA effect in your skin care routine and what you should look out for when using care products containing AHA fruit acid.




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The use of the super active ingredient AHA fruit acid is an absolute must in any effective skincare routine and it is hard to imagine today's beauty world without it. The AHA effect is immediately noticeable after application and creates a pleasant tingling sensation on your skin. This reaction is a good sign, because it signals the beginning of revitalization.

On average, your skin renews itself in a cycle of 28 days. During this time, skin cells migrate to the surface of your skin layer, where they die. At this point in the skin renewal process, the power ingredient comes into play: AHA fruit acids act primarily on the top layer of skin, where they dissolve the dead skin cells and free your skin from deposits. The active ingredient also triggers your skin to effectively boost the body's own cell and collagen production.


In addition, the acids are water-soluble and are ideal for improving the skin's own moisture and elasticity. AHA skincare products show their maximum effect when they are allowed to work into your skin over a longer period of time, which is why you'll find our TONE and TONE.S products in the form of a liquid treatment.

The AHA effect of AHA fruit acids is much more than just removing dead skin cells and dirt particles, because the super active ingredient really has it all. Here are more compelling reasons why AHA fruit acids should be a staple in your skincare routine:

AHA fruit acids

  • Stimulate cell renewal
  • .
  • Promote a smooth and even skin appearance
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  • Smooth and tighten your skin
  • Soothe your skin
  • Strengthen the skin barrier
  • Reduce skin irritation
  • Balance the pH


When it comes to skin care, AHA products provide a noticeable instant effect on your skin, but also achieve lasting care results when used regularly. In the beauty cosmos, you will often find the super active ingredient as a component of peelings. Also with AHA fruit acid-containing care products it depends on the dosage and the active ingredient combination of the respective product.


AHA peels can be used on any skin type because of their versatility. Such a peeling ensures that old skin scales and dead cells are removed - and in this way unclogs your pores. So they can form new cells more easily.

Also in our products TONE and TONE.S, AHA fruit acid has a visible effect on your skin. If you should use the active ingredient in the form of a liquid treatment, make sure that it soaks into your skin long enough to achieve the best possible results.


In Doctor Mi! medical skincare products, the active ingredient gets particularly deep into your skin thanks to the innovative TECMi!® encapsulation. This deep technology allows the AHA fruit acid in high doses to nourish your skin from the inside out - and visible results can be seen after only a short time.

To ensure that the active ingredient also achieves optimal results in your skin care routine, we answer the most important questions about Superskin Hero AHA Fruit Acid here:

  • Can AHA fruit acid be used for every skin type?
    The active ingredient is basically suitable for every skin type. To avoid irritation and achieve the best possible results, you should adjust the concentration of fruit acid to the needs of your skin. Use our toner TONE, it is particularly gentle to your skin and achieves optimal care results thanks to its low and safe concentration.
  • How often may/should you use care products with AHA?
    For radiant skin, you should regularly use care products containing AHA. Depending on the dosage contained and tolerability, you can integrate the active ingredient into your daily skincare routine. You can use TONE in the morning and in the evening after cleansing your face. The fruit acid not only works against wrinkles, pigment disorders and skin impurities, but also gives your skin a natural glow.
  • What to look for when buying AHA fruit acid-containing products?
    When choosing AHA fruit acid-containing products, you should definitely pay attention to the concentration contained. For sensitive skin, we recommend using TONE daily, if your skin is prone to blemishes, use TONE.S.

AHA, BHA and PHA - the main differences and characteristics


AHA, BHA or PHA? In terms of purity, the acids are the key to radiant, even and beautiful skin. They remove dead skin cells, open the pores and ensure that other active ingredients can penetrate your skin even better. In what they differ and which acid provides a natural glow on your skin, you will learn in the following.


1. AHA
Alpha hydroxy acids are among the most popular acids in terms of skincare. Thanks to their water solubility, they provide a lot of moisture and give your skin elasticity. They are ideal for improving your skin texture and should be used regularly to achieve optimal results.


2. BHA
The so-called beta hydroxy acids, also known as salicylic acid, are often used to treat pimples, blackheads and blemishes. They are oil-soluble and can optimally penetrate clogged pores as well as reliably remove excess sebum on your skin. Thanks to their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, BHAs, which are also contained in our TONE.S product, are particularly effective for acne or melasma.


3. PHA
Poly-hydroxy acids act similarly to BHAs, only less aggressively. PHAs have the same anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties as BHAs, but because of their molecular size, they can't penetrate as deeply into your skin. The milder acid is especially suitable for sensitive skin types.



In order to achieve a maximum effect, the use of hyaluronic acid depends on the appropriate form and dosage. With oligo hyaluronic acid, you can sustainably improve the appearance of your skin, because the active ingredient reaches the deeper layers of the skin and provides your skin with optimal moisture. The active ingredient should be used regularly, even daily in the case of well-tolerated care products.



Fruit acids are often used to treat pigmentation disorders or skin impurities. They refine the pores and provide a smooth and even skin appearance. But be careful: due to the AHA fruit acid, the horny layer initially thins and the sensitivity to UV radiation increases. To protect your skin in the best possible way, consistent sun protection is essential, use a sun protection factor of 50+.


Tip: After a fruit acid peel, your skin is still very sensitive to external influences, so be sure to protect it and avoid, for example, heavy sweating and extreme dusting.



A fruit acid peel is a chemical peel that mainly attacks the surface of your skin, as it penetrates the upper stratum corneum of your skin. The acid dissolves the dead skin cells and provides a cleansed skin. If your skin suffers from acne or rosacea, medical treatment is recommended. Here, the dosage of the acid can be adjusted to your skin condition. The peeling effect of the fruit acid peeling ensures an even skin surface and a fresh complexion.


TONE.S under a tap

Live your AHA moment with Doctor Mi! Thanks to the innovative TECMi!® deep technology, our AHA care products have a particularly stimulating effect on your skin and achieve visible care results after a very short time. Our mild facial toner TONE leaves a soothing feeling on your skin and provides a further AHA effect in your skin care.


Dr. Miriam Rehbein

Dr. Miriam Rehbein is a licensed dermatology specialist and founder and product developer of Doctor Mi! medical skincare. As a recognized expert in skin care, she not only shares her expertise with colleagues at congresses and in continuing education courses, but also treats patients* in her Munich practice. With Doctor Mi! medical skincare, Dr. Miriam Rehbein has created a skin care line based on her many years of experience in dealing with patients, which has one goal in particular: To help the skin to help itself.